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Maritime services company in Rio resumes hiring

July 16, 2018 2:30 pm to 2:30 pm
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Maritime company naval vessel lease

It has just been released directly from Locar's Human Resources, maritime and naval professionals now it's up to you

The maritime services company in Rio, Locar, a reference in Brazil in its modality in offshore and maritime operations, discloses a great sequence of opportunities for professionals who have experience in vessels and with the proper nautical documents up to date. Coincidence or not, the disclosure of this selection process is in line with the latest news we published about the Locar last week, to which she is expected to perform some ROTA 3 submarine tube launching services at Comperj.

Open positions

As mentioned, the person in charge of the company's Human Resources has just disclosed in many functions, remembering that everyone must have the documentation in and must prove them, follows the list of positions:

  • CTR - Contra Mestre
  • MCB - Commander (certificate of competence required)
  • MCB - Immediate (certificate of competence required)
  • CDM – Chief of Machines
  • CDM - Sub-Chief of Machinery
  • MNM – Machine Sailor
  • CZA – Cooks

If interested, send your CV to, mentioning in the subject of the message the vacancy you want from the maritime services company. Residents of the state of Rio de Janeiro will have preference in the selection process, but candidates from other states may also apply, as long as they have the attributions requested in this article. If you wish, Log-in Marítima is also looking for professionals to complete its staff, click here to find out about the opportunities available there..

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