Start Maritime Company seeks professionals with CIR to complete the fleet in Brazil

Maritime Company seeks professionals with CIR to complete the fleet in Brazil

July 6, 2018 3:59 pm to 3:59 pm
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Marine engineering jobs

Chief Engineers III/2 are required by Log-in at this very moment, know how to work in this maritime company

A shipping company has just asked if you want to make their team, so we decided to bridge the gap between what they need and what you want. Well, Log-in is looking for Chief Engineer III/2, so know the requirements and how to apply for this vacancy. Please only send if you are within the parameters. For other related opportunities, install our APP and go to the “MARITIMES” tab, or search for what you need in the header of this portal.


✔️Function Summary: Chief Engineer III/2 OMS with CIR and certifications valid for large ships.

✔️Academic/Technical Training:
Merchant Marine Officer Training Schools – EFOMM (Ciaga / Ciaba)
Adaptation Course for 2nd Engine Officer - ASOM (Ciaga / Ciaba / Femar /

✔️Knowledge and Skills Required:
Experience in large ships (bulk carrier, container carrier, oil tanker, gas carrier, etc.)
Valid CIR and STCW 1031 (Rule III/2 - OSM)
CERR (desirable)
ESCM (desirable)
valid passport
Valid Yellow Fever Vaccine or “LIFE”
Native Brasilian

Interested send resume to with the subject “Selection Process – Chief Engineer III/2”, until July 16, 2018. Do you want to increase your chances of working abroad? Luis Franco will teach you how to succeed in this endeavor, just click here and access the 5 definitive steps to accomplish this feat, many companies out there are struggling to find qualified professionals in the energy sector, so this could be your cue.

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