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Many offshore and onshore vacancies have just been announced: Read the article carefully

Paulo Nogueira
05-05-2018 07:32:01
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alphatec offshore macae oil vacancies

Opportunities span multiple professionals and educational levels for offshore and onshore positions. Read the article carefully, because Click Petróleo e Gás will try to help you

Offshore and onshore opportunities announced once again by Alphatec Engenharia, a company that provides offshore maintenance services based in the city of Macaé and which holds several contracts in the Campos Basin. The Company released more of this wave of hiring on May 4, 2018 (yesterday) in the afternoon, therefore, it is not about repeated vacancies or clickbait articles. Please read this article carefully, as we will try to help you send your CV to her.

Available vacancies

First of all, see what positions the company is offering, the issue of experience was not informed, but it is expected that candidates at least have training in these segments, also remembering that these opportunities are extended to people with special needs :


  • Administrative Assistant - Planning
  • Administrative Assistant - Offshore Production
  • RT Administrative Assistant
  • Administrative Assistant RT
  • Administrative Assistant - Supplies
  • Offshore Climbing Boilers


  • Onshore Project Coordinator
  • Intern - Talent Management
  • Offshore Scaffolder
  • Tiger Welders Offshore Climbers
  • Offshore Security Technicians
  • Onshore Security Technicians

How to send your resumes?

The e-mail to send your CV's you must already know very well, which is the avt@alphatec.ind.br, but what happens…. Many are complaining that they are not able to send their resumes to the company through this email because it simply comes back with an error message. Click Oil and Gas went to the company last week to check if the contact disclosed was this one it really is! We, for example, are able to send our emails normally but THE MAJORITY CRUSHING CAN'T.

To try to help, we will send the CVs for you this time, for this it is necessary that you fill in the form available below.. But attention: YOU MUST MAKE A LINK TO YOUR CURRICULUM, IT IS NOT TO COPY THE CONTENT OF THE CV'S AND PASTE IN THE FORM, BUT THE LINK!!! If you don't know how it's done, we'll leave the video tutorials below, if you're still having difficulties, ask someone who knows or has a fresher mind to do it.

Alphatec Application Form May 4 – Click here or fill in below

Videos on how to link to your files

This form will be available to Alphatec 24 hours a day as you complete and PUTTING THE LINK of their résumés there, she will be able to more easily consult their qualifications and assignments for the positions. So for all that is most sacred, do it carefully! If there is difficulty, ask someone to do it or help you, do it on the computer to avoid problems. You will need a Google account to complete the worksheet. See the company's publication on May 4th by clicking here.

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