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Lots of offshore and intern vacancies today: Apply now

Paulo Nogueira
11-05-2017 23:24:14
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Many offshore and industrial jobs opened today, apply now

The oil and gas sector, especially offshore, is busy today with the announcement of several vacancies in the sector.

Despite the crisis, the offshore sector, about all oil and gas continues. Let's face it, it's at a snail's pace, but as investors gain confidence again in the Brazilian fossil fuel market, little by little they open up opportunities. Below are some vacancies that are open this week on the Vagas website. Heads up: As the application will be done through registration, it is important to do it through the Desktop or the computer so that there are no typing errors, this in a selection process is fatal. So be careful, don't do any harm to the cell phone. As vacancies have an expiration date, depending on the day you are entering this article, the opportunity may no longer be available. But don't be discouraged, Click Petróleo e Gás is always looking for new and updated content to post on the channel, so stay tuned and come back here from time to time.

Offshore Electrical Technician

The activities basically consist of offshore support ships and boats. The professional must have a lot of experience in the area, know how to read and interpret technical drawings, CREA up to date and know how to perform all types of maintenance relevant to the area of operation. If you fit the vacancy, please register at the address https://goo.gl/4J0wwN

Offshore Mechanical Technician

This professional must have the ability to repair and maintain large equipment in an offshore regime. It is also necessary to have basic knowledge in reading technical drawings, hydraulic diagrams, knowing how to operate a winch, paint, etc.

The place of work will be in Niteroi-RJ. Interested, please send your CV to the link https://goo.gl/0MiD2R

Offshore electronics technician

Candidates who have technical training in the area, advanced knowledge in predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance in electronic systems of platforms and ships, please apply at the link https://goo.gl/kzI96p

Chemistry Technician

Industrial company in the plastic sector hires interns in chemistry. To apply, you must be studying Chemistry Tech at night, be proactive and available to work 6 hours a day. Interested register on the link https://goo.gl/B6jjqK

Internship Maintenance Technician

The telecommunications company Globosat is in the selection process for Telecommunications/Electronics Technician. Anyone interested in the vacancy must be fully available to work in Tijuca, be considerate in carrying out activities in a workload of at least 6 hours a day. Please register on the link https://goo.gl/esqbGu

Environmental Technician Trainee

Support the environmental management team, control industrial waste and know how to control the flow and management of issued licenses. If you fit the profile, please register at the link https://goo.gl/TbfYw1

Industrial Electricians

You must have full knowledge of the activity, if you have already worked in the food industry it will be a differential. The requirements include a technician in electrical engineering or electronics, knowing how to interpret and deal with measuring equipment, understanding a little of the English language and being fully available to work overtime when necessary. Forward your CV to the link https://goo.gl/4iehhc 

Maintenance technician

The global company Kohler, has open positions for Maintenance Technicians. The requirements are: Technical or engineering training, basic level of English, knowledge of controls with contactors and the basics of motors. Aspiring vacancies within the profile, fill out the form on the link https://goo.gl/lSWEiS

Occupational Safety Technician

The Solar corporation, which provides services to Coca Cola Brazil, has vacancies for security technicians. But the candidate for the vacancy must be available to live in Ceará. Requirements include technical training in the area and full experience. Apply on the link https://goo.gl/aFGzti

Engineering Interns

Vallourec is a company specialized in providing services in the oil sector in maintenance, inspections and equipment logistics. It currently has its intern program open and hires students on the following requirements:

Must be studying between the 6th and 8th period in engineering related to the oil industry, mastery of the American language at an advanced level and interest in intercontinental travel. Interested, please register on the link https://goo.gl/7fwLt9

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