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Offshore maintenance Macaé and Rio das Ostras: Company has opened vacancies for new contract

Paulo Nogueira
05-11-2017 13:09:21
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offshore vacancies

The week is off to a hot start with several offshore maintenance contracts and opportunities in various roles. Check it out and apply!

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]Units offshore in the Campos Basin will urgently need maintenance, this is a fact and there is no way to escape it. Bidding processes are in the approval process and Petrobras has already received several proposals from different companies for future contracts, which, according to industry experts, will begin the operational phases from here until the beginning of 2018. Check the list of companies that are bidding for maintenance contracts for 25 offshore platforms here.

But despite these massive hirings that will happen soon and that will be reported first hand by our portal as soon as the official Petrobras publication comes out, the oil industry machine needs to turn one way or another. There are still units in full operation in the Campos Basin that need to be constantly maintained to ensure operational efficiency and the safety of workers on board. Following this principle, a well-regarded company in this segment, which has just merged with another giant, has announced another sequence of hirings that will run until November 17th of this year.

To apply, it will be necessary for everyone to have experience in an offshore regime, proven in a work permit and technical course in the areas that will be described below. The Basic Course on Platform Security (CBSP) must be within the validity period and functional. Open positions are for:

  • Escalator Instrumentation Technician - NR-10,NR-33,NR-35. Rope Access Course (Irata, Abendi or Anec), CPL and PT Credential.
  • Mechanical Technician – NR-33,NR-35 and PT Credential.
  • Crane Mechanics Technician – NR-33,NR-35, Basic Hydraulics and PT Credential.
  • Climber Mechanical Technician – NR-33,NR-35. Rope Access Course (Irata, Abendi or Anec) and PT Credential.
  • Escalator Electric Supervisor - NR-10,NR-33,NR-35. Rope Access Course (Irata, Abendi or Anec) and PT Credential.
  • Escalator Instrumentation Supervisor – NR-10,NR-33,NR-35. Rope Access Course (Irata, Abendi or Anec), CLP and PT Credential.
  • Climber Mechanics Supervisor – NR-33,NR-35. Rope Access Course (Irata, Abendi or Anec) and PT Credential.

For all the positions mentioned above, it is necessary to send your resume to the email recruitment@csemil.com until the 17th of November, properly informing the function in the subject of the message. If you want to consult the official source, see below:

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