Start Macaé on the brink of economic abyss: 80% from offshore activities to be transferred to Porto do Açú

Macaé on the brink of economic abyss: 80% from offshore activities to be transferred to Porto do Açú

April 26, 2017 10:35 am to 10:35 am
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Macaé lives in the shadow of bankruptcy and if nothing is done the entire region of Rio de Janeiro will suffer the economic impact

Macaé, affectionately called the Little Princess of the Atlantic and known in the 4 quadrants of the Globe as the National Capital of Oil by large multinationals in the oil sector, runs the real risk of having its economy brutally defragmented due to the migration of the port system and operations in the offshore sector to Porto do Açú, located in São João da Barra. It turns out that the company Edson Chouest, which maintains logistics and port activities in the city, will migrate around 80% from its operations and leave Macaé only to respond to emergencies.

SindipetroNF says that Macaé will become irrelevant and will run the risk of the city being completely emptied, which would be an incalculable disaster since the city lives and survives entirely on resources from oil exploration. The union representatives also reinforced that the lack of planning and political ill will that lead the city to this point. For example, the urban zoning law for the construction of “Porto do Barreto” that the current mayor Dr. Aluízio did not sign a few years ago, alleging insurgencies and flaws in the amendment shown by the councilors of Macaé. This project is what would literally save the city or, at worst, keep the city stabilized, since as a result of this port, we would still have some activity in the offshore sector in the region.

Edson Chouest announced that operations in São João da Barra are in full swing and that the region's port system is impressive, capable of offering high-quality, low-cost offshore services. THE Petrobras is already mobilizing and renting in an overwhelming way several properties in Campos dos Goytacazes, leaving Macaé literally “seeing ships”.

Making the situation in Macaé even worse, the federal government authorized the construction of the Porto Central do Espirito Santo, which leaves the “Little Princess of the Atlantic” in a near-death situation.

Due to this situation, the “Macaé Porto Já” initiative was created, bringing together civil society and trade union forces to try to save the city from economic abyss which is practically by a thread. This petition is a kind of pressure for political representatives not only of the city, but of the entire region to pay attention and take action so that the port project in Macaé is resumed as soon as possible.

Below is a short video about the Port of Açú and its territorial extension. Impressive, no?

It is a pity that Macaé, a city with a history and tradition in the oil and gas sector, has reached this point. The truth is that the city finds itself in a deep coma, breathing only through machines, turn them off or not is up to you.

If you want to help the city, share this news and sign the official petition by clicking here.

Also join the group São João da Barra, Porto do Açú, economy and jobs.

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