Start Macaé back in the game: Mayor released in video that Porto do Barreto and offshore industry is ours!

Macaé back in the game: Mayor released in video that Porto do Barreto and offshore industry is ours!

May 12, 2017 2:47 pm to 2:47 pm
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Macaé back in the game Prefeito disclosed in video that Porto do Barreto and offshore industry is ours!

Now it's official! The mayor of Macaé stated in a video that “the port is ours” and there are multinationals that will invest in the city. Check out the video and article in full!

Macaé, like many municipalities in Brazil that are economically dependent on the oil industry, are experiencing extreme difficulties due to the crisis and the unfolding of Lava Jato operations. But the current mayor of the City, Dr. Aluízio Junior, released an official video statement that raised Macanese morale and puts the city back to the status of National Capital of Oil.

In the video, the mayor says that the new rounds of oil auctions scheduled for the 2nd half of 2017 will heat up activities in the Campos Basin again, and guess what: Macaé is at the central point of this basin. Translating into easy words, this here will explode with opportunities again soon, after all 40 years of economics in this field cannot be suddenly discarded like this.

The event Brazil Offshore 2017, is already at the door and along with it, many business opportunities and large global companies will be present, closing many contracts and presenting many innovative technologies for exploration in our deposits.

Another point mentioned is the “golden news” of the week! Porto do Barreto is in the implementation phase, with just a few legislative obstacles to be resolved. Aluízio was very clear, incisive and categorical in stating that Tepor (Port Terminal of Macaé) will leave one way or another, taking our Little Princess of the Atlantic to a new economic and social level. The objective is to maintain the economic health of the city for many years to come.

There was a lot of speculation about what the mayor was doing or not doing to try to get Macaé out of this situation, mainly because he didn't release any official pronouncement, but now this agony has come to an end! Check it out in the video below:

Macaé back in the game: Mayor announced in…
Now it's like you! There is no more room for speculation and negativity. As Click Petróleo e Gás has been investigating and disclosing in previous posts, it is necessary for you professional to qualify and update, because when this is resumed, do not blame the gringos for occupying a large part of the jobs in the sector, now it's up to them.

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