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Macaé is featured on Globo News: Watch the video and find out which companies will open their doors in 2018

Paulo Nogueira
03-04-2018 17:59:22
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Macaé is featured on Globo News: Watch the video and find out which companies will open their doors in 2018

The oil and gas industry is starting to show the first signs of recovery in Rio de Janeiro. Macaé, the star city of the Campos Basin, is trying to get back on its feet after the great crisis that hit the sector

About 180 km from the capital of Rio, about 2:30 in the northeast of the state, Macaé has earned the nickname of the National Capital of Oil, and is a good example for a conversation about how the sector is doing today. But before we comment on the scenario of 2018, we invite you to take a quick journey to show how this city grew from oil exploration.

Rise and Crisis in Macaé

In the year 1980 or 82, large international companies began to come, causing a great “Boom” of oil production, the city ended up going through a process of restoration of growth, shall we say Chinese…. But in 2014/2015 the Petrobras scandals came, the price of a barrel of oil plummeted and Brazil plunged into the economic crisis, causing the national oil capital to crash.

More than 40 thousand jobs were lost in the oil sector in the last 4 years. There were no more entrepreneurs in the sector interested in buying industrial land in the city, not even guests in the hotel sector, causing a cascade effect on the entire economy of the city, since many companies moved and the inhabitants who made their income here were forced to move. of municipality.

Macaé is the favorite of the big oil companies

But in September last year, lots in the Campos Basin were again disputed in the auction after 10 years, all areas offered were sold. Just by signing the contract for six offshore blocks, the Petrobras and the US company ExxonMobil paid more than 3 billion reais. And last Thursday a new record, the fifteenth round of Auctions raised more thanto billions of reais, with emphasis, of course, on the Campos Basin, which borders the city of Macaé.
The scenario turned out to be more attractive after regulatory changes, and the National Petroleum Agency predicts three more auctions by the end of 2019.

The agency's expectation that companies will invest more than 80 billion dollars in 300 offshore wells throughout Brazil, more than 10 billion recoverable barrels are estimated that can collect more than 100 billion in oil royalties.

Types of companies that will settle in Parque Bellavista

Returning to Macaé, the signs of the recovery slowly begin to appear: the BelLavista Industrial Park was also moving slowly, managed to sell only 1 piece of land in 2015 and another in 2016, but in 2017 with this other scenario of the Auctions, the situation started to get a little different, in fact 4 companies bought spaces. The companies that settled were food and hotel services at sea, valve maintenance, welding and industrial waste treatment. In addition to these, many other companies are interested and demand is very good, a clear sign that the city will be strong again in this modality! Watch the video of a report by Globo News

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