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Lying on your resume can get you fired for just cause.

Paulo Nogueira
16-07-2018 01:23:41
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False information on resume Lying on your resume can ruin your career.

By putting false information on your resume, you could be burning yourself out in the job market, in addition to receiving a dismissal for just cause.

When it comes to trying to get the much-desired job, some professionals insert exaggerated or even false information (ie lying on the resume) in their professional records. Such an attitude can not only disqualify the candidate but also end his career. The HR departments do not take long to discover the scam and the professional may be “burned out” in the job market.

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fake certificates

Amazingly, there are professionals who even use fake certificates, such as high school graduation certificates. It is worth noting that this action is even a crime under the Brazilian penal code. The company, in these cases, may choose to dismiss the employee for Just Cause. Such a court decision, for the most part, cannot be reversed. Case registered in Hortolândia-SP.

The worst thing is not losing your job, but ending your professional career as this information can be shared with the entire job market and make it difficult or even impossible to relocate. In the city of Campinas-SP, an employee who had been with the company for more than 10 years was fired for just cause. Reason? The company discovered that his high school certificate was fake. This is a conduct of "very serious" commented the judge of the Regional Labor Court of Campinas, Manoel SF Carradita.

In 2015 and 2016, in Espírito Santo, 11 public school teachers were fired for Just Cause for presenting false certificates and documents. Teachers presented falsified lato sensu graduate certificates to gain access to public employment. All 11 were prosecuted and had to return the bonus money received for the graduation level. In addition, all were barred from holding any public office for 5 years.

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Up to 6 years of imprisonment

According to the Brazilian Penal Code, anyone who falsifies certificates, such as course completion certificates, can face 2 to 6 years of imprisonment and a fine (Article 304 of the Penal Code).

To better understand what it is and how it works:

  • CRIME: It is configured by the use and/or falsification of documents. The time of imprisonment varies according to the severity;
  • Where in the Brazilian Penal Code? Articles 297 to 301, Decree of Law 2848 (7/Dec/1940);
  • Where on CLT? Article 482.
  • Penalty: 2 to 6 years and fine (public documents), 1 to 5 years and fine (private documents).

shake in trust

Labor judges have given full support to companies that fire their employees for just cause in these cases. This is a breach of trust between employee and employer. Characterized by the Law as “improbity” it is a way of obtaining an unlawful advantage and this, in itself, undermines the pact of trust in the contractual relationship. Many candidates use these tricks to get the job but with the discovery of the lie it can result in irrecoverable damage to their professional life.

The best option

Never put information that doesn't match your qualifications or experience on your resume. Remember: honesty is your calling card to establish a bond of trust between you and the company. Once this link is broken, it will be virtually impossible to recover for the rest of your life. Be honest and transparent. Put and say only what you really are and can offer the company. Along your journey you will have the opportunity to develop and create a bond of extreme trust with your job and thus ensure your success during your career.


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