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Last day to register for the Petrobras Public Contest 2017

Paulo Nogueira
14-08-2017 15:34:34
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Last day to register for the Petrobras Public Contest 2017

Today, at 23:59, registration for the Petrobras contest will close. Last chance to join one of the most desirable companies in the country.

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]Petrobras has finally started to resume its marathon of opportunities and public tenders, with salaries approaching R$ 10 thousand for the highest positions. Next, take a look at the vacancies that the state-owned company is making available with an estimate of salaries per occupation. The selection process was granted on August 14 with about 1000 vacancies throughout the national territory.

 Petrobras officially announced all the requirements, positions and field of activity for the most varied functions. Salaries start at R$3,600 and go up to R$10 thousand, depending on the area and level of education. Be smart because today is the last day to register. The registration fee is R$ 47 for mid-level areas and R$ 67 for those with higher level. (take your handout from Portuguese and Math).

Regions where there will be more vacancies?

As described in the Notice, the region that predominantly has the most vacancies is in the Southeast, in the cities of: Anchieta/ES, Angra dos Reis/RJ, Bertioga/SP, Cubatão/SP, Duque de Caxias/RJ, Guarujá/SP, Itaboraí /RJ, Itanhaém/SP, Macaé/RJ, Rio de Janeiro/RJ, Santos/SP, Seropédica/RJ or Vitória/ES, but there are opportunities very well distributed throughout the national territory.

What are the charges?

The positions available at Petrobras are for junior equipment and installation inspection technicians, junior maintenance technicians - Electrical, junior maintenance technicians - Mechanics, junior operation technicians, junior safety technician, Occupational Nursing technicians, Boiler technicians and Safety technicians.

What training should I have?

The technical training required for the selection process are: Industrial Automation, Electronics, Electromechanics, Electronics, Electrotechnics, Mechanical Manufacturing, Mechanics, Precision Mechanics, Mechatronics, Metallurgy, Metrology, Chemistry, Welding, Mechanical Manufacturing, Aircraft Maintenance, Machine Maintenance Heavy, Automotive Maintenance, Marine Machinery, Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals and Refrigeration. For higher level, see handout.

Remembering that the selection process will be valid for 1 year, which can be extended for one more if necessary.


If you really want to pass the Petrobras public tender, get your specific handout below Math, Portuguese and Junior Operations Technician.

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