Start Large solar energy company in Brazil loses 17 thousand reais due to lack of monitoring of the photovoltaic system and creates application

Large solar energy company in Brazil loses 17 thousand reais due to lack of monitoring of the photovoltaic system and creates application

May 12, 2022 2:43 pm to 2:43 pm
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Constant maintenance of the photovoltaic system by the technician avoids losses | Source: Canva Pro

Lack of monitoring makes solar energy company suffer a loss of 17 thousand reais

who works with solar energy or have it in your home, you need to worry about monitoring the generation of photovoltaic systems so you don't get lost. This is what Jessé Silva, one of the directors of Entec Solar, points out. This large company has more than 1,000 active solar panel projects in Brazil and lost a savings of 17 thousand reais due to lack of constant monitoring of the networks. He also says that the photovoltaic system was working normally, but that the clock stopped and stopped registering 21 Kwh/month. Thus, due to the lack of ambiguous monitoring, between the system and the concessionaire, the error was noticed very late and there was no chance of reversing the loss.

After the loss suffered by the company, Jessé guides that the consumer and the plants should be attentive and seek monitoring systems to avoid scares at the end of the month with the smallest reduction of credits on the electricity bill. But after all, what is the purpose of the monitoring system? Promote greater efficiency of photovoltaic systems and enhance the generation of renewable energy.

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Understand better how photovoltaic system monitoring works with the following video

Monitoring the Photovoltaic System is essential to save money when paying the electricity bill | Source: Blue Sol Solar Energy

Thinking of helping others to avoid losses, the company Entec Solar launched a monitoring application

With this loss, the company realized that a 24-hour monitoring system would be the ideal way to prevent further losses like this and so directed its efforts to create a new application with this function. Its main objective is to help in checking and monitoring the photovoltaic system and credits at the concessionaire.

Therefore, the application makes constant analysis of the system, generating reports and metrics and also automatic alerts about malfunctions that can result in loss of data. credits. In this way, the technology becomes an ally of the user, when analyzing metrics that he would not understand enough to identify problems in solar energy generation. The figure below shows the layout of the app created by the developers of Entec Solar.

What are the benefits of the solar energy generation monitoring service?

If you are still not convinced of the importance of monitoring in the generation of solar energy, here are some more benefits of this practice:

  1. 24-hour surveillance: The app monitors the operations of the photovoltaic system of interest in real time, providing metrics on efficiency and operation. The visualization is intuitive and simple and allows quick and accurate signaling of faults, so that they can be resolved in time to avoid losses. In addition, automatic alerts are issued when something is wrong, so there is intervention.
  2. Constant evaluation of the efficiency of the photovoltaic system: As we have seen, the application generates reports on the efficiency of solar energy generation by the panels, which shows the user the total credits already accumulated in the month, daily production level and hours of sunshine received. All this in the palm of your hand, on your smartphone, which makes monitoring much easier.
  3. Less chance of losses: The installation and maintenance of a solar energy generation system requires a large investment, to be reversed in the long term, that is, around 4 to 6 years. However, failures during the generation of energy by the photovoltaic system can delay this return on investment. In this sense, the use of the application makes it possible to maintain the efficiency of the panels to achieve the return in the initially estimated time. In addition, it provides a technician to go to the place that presents a problem within 48 hours of the alert, avoiding losses.

After all, what is the price of um monitoring service for photovoltaic system?

If you've come this far, you might be interested in purchasing this monitoring service for your business or home and want to know the price, right? The service is contracted through a monthly subscription, with a value between 55 to 250 reais per month, for smaller homes and businesses, and from 700 to 2500 reais per month, for larger plants, varying according to the project of each client.

Some companies may also provide types of benefits to customers, depending on the contracted plan, which reduces the amount of investment required. At Entec Solar, for example, the customer has an annual cleaning of the panels as a courtesy, which would cost 700 reais if it were done in isolation. It is important to highlight that the maintenance of the photovoltaic system and its constant monitoring are essential for the generation of solar energy with high efficiency.

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