Start Discover the turbine that uses river water to produce clean energy; equipment is capable of generating as much electricity as 12 solar panels

Discover the turbine that uses river water to produce clean energy; equipment is capable of generating as much electricity as 12 solar panels

April 26, 2022 12:54 am to 00:54
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Image credits: IDenergie

A Canadian company has designed new equipment that can change the way we generate energy in isolated locations. A waterproof 100% turbine can generate enough power to keep everyday equipment running.

As countries are increasingly concerned about getting rid of fossil fuels, companies are in a race to increase the options for generating renewable and clean energy on the market. With that in mind, the IDenergie, a Canadian company in the field of renewable energy, revealed to the public its new hydrokinetic project: a turbine that is able to take advantage of running water to generate electricity. 

Solar countries and power turbines generation wind power generators are leading the clean energy generation market, however, both cases suffer from limitations. Wind power relies heavily on wind speed, while solar panel is capable of producing energy only during the day. A turbine placed in the flow of water is capable of producing energy day and night. 

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”In addition to converting river energy into electricity, the integrated smart converter includes many
additional features including an auto-start turbine, continuous energy optimization,
remote monitoring, emergency brake and much more.”

Company announcement on its official website

Video of practical system operation

Source: Wisdom Land

Idenergie turbine has reduced environmental impact 

A point that has already been much criticized in the turbines that take advantage of water was that this equipment had a high impact on the ecosystems, harming nature in the installation sites.

However, Idenergie's new project solves the problem. The company installed the Darrieus type rotor, which does not have any negative impact on ecosystems. In addition, the equipment is made of aluminum and other noble materials. As a result, the turbine is the greenest on the market today. 

Easy installation and maintenance 

Another positive point of the turbine is that several can be installed in the same stretch of a river, increasing the energy production capacity for a greater need. The company sends the turbine dismantled, being assembled only on site. The installation of the equipment is very simplified, requiring only two people and a few hours of work for everything to be completed correctly. 

clean energy turbine rivers
Men installing river turbine. Image credits: IDenergie

The fluvial turbine was built with a new and exclusive electric generator without a shaft that prevents water from entering the generator, making the equipment waterproof, avoiding future maintenance headaches.

Energy production capacity 

The generator is capable of producing a total of 12 kWh of energy per day. The equipment can be connected to a battery network, being charged throughout the day. Even with a reduced capacity, a single turbine can produce enough energy to maintain common equipment, such as refrigerator and TV. 

In addition, a single turbine has the ability to produce energy generated by up to 12 common solar panels. In addition, the Canadian generator represents an annual savings of 50% compared to the maintenance costs of a gasoline generator. 

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