Learn about the evaluation process that prevents retailers from getting hurt when they receive damaged vehicles in their inventory

Paulo Nogueira
25-04-2022 12:36:06
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Calculation of how much it will be necessary to invest in the recovery of the car is quick, done at the time of negotiation, evaluating more than 100 items of the checklist

Last year, according to the National Federation of Associations of Motor Vehicle Dealers (Fenauto), the total number of used cars sold in the country exceeded 15 million, 17.8% higher than that recorded in 2020. cheaper prices, experience alone is not enough for car dealership professionals not to close bad deals, especially when the vehicles are used and with obvious damage. Technology can help detect weak spots, parts that need repair, and parts that need total replacement.

An example comes from Autoconf, an autotech from Paraná that works with 360° evaluation and can generate up to more than 50% of profit between services provided and performed to retailers who use the system assertively. Like this? The company's website provides an example of a common reality in the daily life of resellers and the possibility of this percentage. “He evaluated a vehicle and thought he was going to spend R$ 1 thousand reais. In the end it spent R$ 2, 3 and even 4 thousand. With the 360° evaluation, have more than 50% of profit between planned and performed services”, explains the brief script.

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The evaluation is active, within the Autoconf system. “It means that the evaluator will do the step by step that the system asks. Then, the system will ask for photos of the front of the vehicle. The vehicle's own system will give you a all items from the front of the vehicle that need to be guaranteed and, thus, no [item] goes unnoticed, avoiding losses for the store. Everything that needs to be done is already agreed with the vehicle owner, who will have this discount on the value of the car or, in a case of consignment, he is aware that he will have to make this repair on the vehicle”, explains Rachelle Mariot, Commercial manager at autotech. The 360° evaluation process works well, leaving no gaps for any detail to go through, ensuring accurate pricing and quick negotiation. “A shopkeeper who does not use Autoconf can predict that he will spend much more and this gives a much more interesting result in our service performance. It is estimated that he can avoid losing up to 50% per month or more, between planned and performed services, as shown in the presentation on our website”, comments Ramon Lemes, Marketing Manager, reinforcing the 360° evaluation format.

When the vehicle enters the store's inventory, the costs are just handling, with no impact on resale. It is worth remembering that the values suggested by Autoconf are very similar to the market ones; therefore, it is as if the customer was seeking quotes from body shop, mechanics and painting professionals, for example, for car damage repairs.

The system also provides a Service Performance Report, which provides data to compare the estimated value of the appraisal and the value of the car preparation expense. Thus, it is possible to know exactly if there was an expense or profit in the evaluation. The Report also allows you to measure this dynamic by periods: just choose the months and year and carry out a complete survey of the store's performance.

Buying a car these days is not always an easy task or a satisfying experience. In this way, the available technology by Autoconf also guarantees benefits to the next owner of the car, who will have the security that the repairs have been made and the information of the real conditions of the vehicle, accessing a stock with guarantee and transparency.


Source: Autoconf: https://autoconf.com.br/

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