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3rd victim of the explosion on the Odebrecht drillship has just died

Paulo Nogueira
12-06-2017 10:33:49
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3rd victim of the explosion on the Odebrecht drillship has just died

Petrobras has just confirmed in an official press release about the explosion and discloses who were the workers involved

Unfortunately, the third victim of the explosion that occurred on the drillship that belongs to Odebrecht died on Sunday afternoon. Petrobras confirmed the death by releasing the official note informing the family and the press. Remembering that this accident occurred during an operation in the boiler of NS-32 (Norbe VIII), besieged in the Marlim asset, in the Campos Basin. The first accident occurred on the 9th, which you can check here. In total, there were 4 accidents and 3 deaths.

According to Petrobras, the third worker who died was Odebrecht Oil and Gas employee Eduardo Aragão de Lima, 33, who was under medical care but ended up not resisting and died early this morning.

On the 10th, Saturday morning, the second death as a result of this accident at the offshore unit was confirmed,  accessing here you get more details . On the 9th (Friday) in the afternoon, OOG together with Sindpetro confirmed the first death, which occurred with a professional specialized in inspections and calibrations, aged 28 years. There was also another professional from the same field at the accident site, but he was 44 years old and was providing services for IMI, he was in the ICU at the Municipal Hospital of Macaé, in the interior of Rio.

Petrobras, Odebrecht and IMI in an official statement endorse that they are providing all necessary support to the families of the injured, as well as other workers involved in the operational accident.

Technical data indicate that the explosion took place around 7:50 am on June 9, 2017. Two employees were expressly rescued by an emergency helicopter and the remaining 2 received first aid on board the unit, being taken immediately to the hospital in Macaé. Petrobras says that nothing caught fire and the explosion was during a routine maintenance activity on boilers that were inoperative at the time.

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