Jundiaí, a municipality in the state of São Paulo, is offering more than 1,400 job openings

Roberta Souza
04-05-2022 23:23:53
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Through the Jundiaí Empreendedora Portal, the municipality of the state of São Paulo made available this Tuesday (03), job vacancies for all levels of schooling

The Jundiaí Empreendedora Portal is a channel between job seekers and job seekers. The City Hall of the municipality of the state of São Paulo aims to bring the links of the production chain closer together to promote employment, income and a better quality of life for the population.

Jundiaí Empreendedor has 114 exclusive job openings for people with disabilities. The updating of job vacancies is carried out permanently.

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Check out the featured job vacancies in the city of Jundiaí, São Paulo

Production Line Assistant
  • Company: Brazil Collects Waste Management
  • Minimum education level required: Incomplete Elementary School
  • Main attributions: Carry out the movement and storage of materials and finished product; Cleaning and organizing the recyclables area, sweeping the patio; Carry out collection in external operations and assist the production operator when necessary.
forklift operator
  • Company: Trans Kothe Transportes Rodoviários S/A
  • Minimum education level required: Complete High School
  • Main attributions: Carry out the movement of internal loads and pallets, transporting various materials for storage, finished products and scrap; Carry out the loading and unloading of trucks; Carry out the separation and storage of materials, performing the organization of stocks.
forklift mechanic
  • Company: Agieer Business and Careers
  • Prerequisites: Mandatory specific professional experience; Complete Technical Education; CNH B.
  • Main responsibilities: Preventive and corrective maintenance both internal and external.

See other job openings in Jundiaí, São Paulo

  • Budget engineer;
  • Internal seller;
  • Collection agent (census and sample surveys);
  • Forklift maintenance mechanic;
  • Property security supervisor;
  • Customer service supervisor;
  • Administrative Assistant;
  • hand welder;
  • Occupational nursing technician;
  • Production line assistant;
  • Quality inspector;
  • Analyst of costs;
  • Marketing analyst;
  • Controller (counter);
  • forklift operator;
  • Technical support analyst;
  • Technician in industrial automation;
  • Administrative assistant;
  • Quality inspector;
  • Technician in methods and processes (tool manufacturing)
  • Production line assistant;
  • Building technician;
  • Restocker;
  • Merchandise loading and unloading assistant;
  • Checker of loading and unloading;
  • Building maintenance assistant
  • Crane mechanic;
  • Safety technician at work.

Role of Portal Jundiaí Empreendedora

“The portal has been fulfilling its role of connecting people through the digital world. We have acted strongly in defense of employment and income in Jundiaí and the use of technology is one of the means we are making available to achieve this end”, explains the manager of Economic Development, Science and Technology, Cristiano Lopes.

Applications for job vacancies in Jundiaí, São Paulo

Those interested in job vacancies in Jundiaí, in São Paulo should register on the Jundiaí Empreendedora portal by clicking here, on the Employability icon. The Portal provides information such as the position offered, the company and the number of vacancies available for each registration, among other details. To those interested, just register and then click on “Apply”.

If you are unable to register via the portal and need assistance, just schedule an appointment at Espaço Jundiaí Empreendedora to make and upload your CV via the link.

Click Petróleo e Gás is not responsible for filling the job vacancies offered by Portal Jundiaí Empreendedora, in the state of São Paulo, only promoting opportunities in various places in Brazil and the world. To apply and find out more information, go to the website or profile of the company that is offering job vacancies and be sure to check out the requirements and activities. Good luck!

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