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Offshore vacancies: Company opens the largest selection process of 2018

Paulo Nogueira
14-05-2018 16:27:42
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Alphatec Macaé Offshore jobs

With the recent demobilization of the Integrar Consortium, there were leftover contracts and offshore vacancies appeared in numbers never seen before this year.

The offshore sector is hotter than ever and with many signings that have been happening since last week (see some here), but nothing compared to the surprise that Alphatec has just launched on its official internet portal, publicizing a mega selection process offshore in many functions. The title may even be a little biased, but not sensationalist or liar, you can check the source of the company's publication in the article, but first, check out what are the vacancies that were open today (14/05/2018 at 11:30) .

Vacancies and how to apply

Below you can check all the positions available, all of them are for offshore positions with the exception of TST, which is onshore. The problem is that many are unable to send their resumes to the email provided, so Click Petróleo e Gás will do it for you, but first, see if you fit in these vacancies:


Offshore Helper

Offshore Warehouse

Offshore Climber Boiler

Offshore Inventory Controller Electrician

Offshore Maintenance Electrician

N3 Offshore Climbers

Offshore Scaffolder


Offshore Climber Painters

Offshore Industrial Painters

TIG ER Welders Offshore Climbers

Offshore Monitoring and Control Technicians

Offshore Materials Technician

Onshore Security Technician

People with Special Needs

 Fill out the form so that we can send you your CV.

As we emphasized above, many candidates when they send their resumes to the company, many return with error messages, so we adopt the practice of sending their applications in batch in a single file so that Alphatec's server does not overload and it can see you in a different way. more effective, since we were able to send the spreadsheet in an organized way and divided by profession, courses and time of experience, “papaya with sugar”, right? Fill out the form below, we will send everything on Friday.

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