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Works and vacancies at Comgás at full steam – Apply

Paulo Nogueira
03-06-2018 22:26:49
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As one of the largest gas distributors in Brazil, Comgás is in full swing and its staff needs to be filled

There are vacancies at Comgás today on several work fronts because its works in Brazil are in full swing, not to mention its already implemented distribution systems. The job options are diverse in the company, ranging from administrative to operational, engineers and technicians can find good opportunities. Speaking of opportunities, a video came out of the workers who are working on the Comperj works yesterday (02) and despite salaries being below average, some hiring is already taking place for the month of June, check it out.

Watch the video of one of the Comgás works

Vacancies at Comgás

The vacancies at Comgás listed below are the ones that are available at this first moment and if you do not fit any of them, you can leave your CV according to the instructions that will be given later, so check the list:

  • Senior Innovation Analyst
  • Attraction and Selection Manager
  • Sales Manager - New Constructions
  • Technical Training Coordinator
  • Customer Relationship Administrative Assistant (PCD)
  • Network Repair Gas A
  • Senior Measurement Engineer
  • Full Analyst - Projects and Authorizations
  • Senior IT Analyst - Service Management
  • Emergency Communication Operator (PCD)
  • BI analyst

How to apply?

Well, Comgás, as well as other large companies and even companies, use the VAGAS.COM platform to manage CVs and selection processes, so we already warn you that before and anything else, it is necessary to have an active and updated registration on the platform. Once this is done, click on the image of the company logo below to register, you have the option to consult open positions or simply register your resume:

Work at Comgás

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