Start Vacancy for novice Occupational Safety Technician in Rio de Janeiro

Vacancy for novice Occupational Safety Technician in Rio de Janeiro

July 9, 2018 6:34 am to 6:34 am
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Construction company offers vacancy for beginner Occupational Safety Technician

construction company EUROVIA offers Novice Security Technician Vacancy in Rio de Janeiro. Great opportunity for anyone looking to enter the job market.

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Job Description:

  • Monitoring the works and contributing to activities in the workplace;
  • Conduct safety-related training;
  • Collaborate with the preliminary risk analysis and PT (Permit to work);
  • Monitor the use of Personal Protective Equipment;
  • Register and monitor cases of deviations in the work environment.

What the professional needs to apply:

  • To have formation and record how Occupational Safety Technician;
  • Experience in the construction of transmission line and substation.

Eurovia specializes in transport infrastructure and urban development: it works in the construction of roads, highways, railways, airport platforms and trams, as well as industrial and business sites. Eurovia also has extensive know-how in related areas: demolition and deconstruction, sanitation, excavation, roads and utility networks, signage, engineering structure and noise attenuation barriers. THE Novice Security Technician Vacancy it is an excellent opportunity for those who still need to gain experience and be, from the beginning, in a multinational company.

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About the company Eurovia:

Industrial production:
Eurovia manages a network of more than 500 materials production and urban development units. These units include binder plants and asphalt production units, and production units for road materials and traffic signs and markings (panels, gantries, paint). We produce flooring resins for industrial and commercial installations, as well as concrete and precast products.

Eurovia is a leader in the European aggregates market. We extract, process and market natural and recycled aggregates for roads and buildings.

We operate a network of more than 350 quarries and 150 recycling and reuse facilities for materials (concrete, bleached asphalt, ash from household waste and more), helping to expand our activities, ensuring a constant supply to our sites, with reserves valued at 53 years of production.

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To apply for a vacancy Job Security Technician Vacancy the professional must send their resume by email: or on the page of linkedin.

Our technical expertise and knowledge of field and local conditions enable us to offer our customers a full range of services in response to their needs.

STAY TUNEDProfessionals from the offshore, onshore, technicians and engineers are summoned, now it's up to you Brazilians!

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