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Employment Portal of the Lagos Region publishes selection processes directly at the Agency's door

Paulo Nogueira
07-12-2017 06:24:14
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oyster river and macaé

There are many functions disclosed by the agency, the municipalities of Macaé, Rio das Ostras and Cabo Frio are the ones covered

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]The economy of a city does not live on offshore alone, but on all of them in segmented harmony. When one sector is doing well, the other is in the same way, which guarantees the generation of jobs and investment expectations that are kind of “retro-fed”. An example of this is the official pronouncement of the Petrobras on December 5th saying that it will open tenders for works on 39 oil platforms in the Campos Basin[read the article here] and the offshore Contract that the MECHANICAL METAL IMETAM just won on 7 platforms in the region. It's a fait accompli, there's no turning back! This is gradually leaving small and medium-sized entrepreneurs with “more courage” to hire, as they are noticing the demand for services increase. Below are some vacancies:

Storekeeper, Automotive Electrician, Programmer Intern, Automotive Tracker Installer, 4 Male Network Installer, Logistics/Personal Shipping, Offshore Nutritionist, Operations, Offshore Baker, Lantern, Butcher, Archivist, Commercial Advisor, Quality Assistant, Administrative Assistant, office, logistics assistant, iolo pizza assistant, medicine clerk, hatter, barbecue, lecturer, cook, cumim, housekeeper, packer, sales executive, bar manager, manicurist, meat dispenser, English teacher, telemarketing, sushiman , groomer/bather, commercial salesman, veterinarian and glazier.

Interested, go to the Citizenship Center address. Rua das Casuarinas, 595, in Âncora – Rio das Ostras, from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday, with the following documents:

  • Work Card (CTPS)
  • CPF
  • Identity (RG) / CNH or Council Card
  • Proof of Residence in the name of the candidate HIMSELF, in case the proof is in the name of third parties, it will be necessary a Declaration of Residence with Xerox of the Identity of the person who signed the declaration and Proof of Original Residence
  • Typed resume (printed)
  • PIS / PESEP or Citizen Card (if any)
  • Reservist Certificate (Male)

Although the Agency is in Rio das Ostras, they also serve residents in the surroundings of other cities. There will be vacancies today at any time OFFSHORE in a large oil company, turn on notifications and know right away as soon as Click Petróleo e Gás confirms! In the meantime, go to the Menu on the site, up there or down here, and search for something compatible with your profession.

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