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Industry in Espirito Santo with job openings in various functions

Paulo Nogueira
17-07-2018 06:53:00
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Espirito Santo Viana Industry jobs

Perfil Alumínio announced opportunities for practical and technical professionals looking for a new job in the state of Espírito Santo.

great company of Espirito Santo with job vacancies published within 24 hours in some technical and other practical positions. It is Aluminum Profile, which seeks professionals who are available to work in one of its industrial centers in the municipality of Viana - ES. The vacancies are for industrial maintenance mechanics, locksmiths and work safety technicians, the requirements are varied, but for professionals who already have experience in the industrial field, they are basic. Know the details below:


The industrial maintenance mechanic will carry out preventive and corrective mechanical maintenance activities on industrial machinery and equipment, aiming to ensure ideal operating conditions, replace parts, apply necessary adjustments, perform calibration, adjustment and lubrication of industrial machines and equipment, using tools and measurement and control, Analyze and determine the order of parts needed for replacement in preventive and corrective maintenance processes.

  •  Proven experience in the field;
  • Complete Technical Education in the Industrial Maintenance area;
  • Technical English for reading.


Carry out repairs with welding, cutting, bending and painting, material consumption calculations, create and manufacture metallic devices, manufacture frames, doors, railings, stained glass and similar parts, Organize and clean the sector.

  • Complete high school;
  • Desirable course locksmith, welder or equivalent;
  • Have proven experience in CTPS.


Perform technical inspection activities regarding work safety in the company's various workplaces, inspect the company's facilities and operating equipment, observing the appropriate working conditions, determine accident risk factors, work with work in the prevention of work accidents and occupational diseases, manage the CIPA and fire brigade.

  • Knowledge of NR-9, NR-10, NR-12 and NR-35;
  • Desirable knowledge in the Senior and E-social system.

For all positions, the working hours will be 44 hours per week with shift work. The benefits include salary compatible with the market, health plan, dental plan, agreement with a pharmacy, transportation vouchers, restaurant at the company, and other CLT rights. To participate in this job vacancy in Espirito Santo, send your CV with the job title to recruitment@perfilcm.com.br or talk to HR on the phone (27) 2104-5900 Extension 6950, only resumes within the profile will be analyzed, do not call and do not send emails if it is not for these functions.


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