Start Mechanical Industrial Maintenance Supervisor for immediate start

Mechanical Industrial Maintenance Supervisor for immediate start

March 8, 2018 3:25 pm to 3:25 pm
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To sue the automotive segment in a large internationally recognized company, know the requirements and apply now

Human Resources Company specialized in recruiting professionals in the Manufacturing and Supply Chain engineering area, opened a selection process for those interested in working in the industry. Upon request of a large customer, the EngSearch is now responsible for attracting specific workers to meet the company's operational demand. See the basic requirements to apply for Maintenance Supervisor vacancies today.

Job Requirements

Mechanical Industrial Maintenance Supervisor wanted. Professional will be responsible for managing processes, implementing routines and managing a team of Mechanical Technicians. Multinational company in the automotive sector installed in the region of Sorocaba/SP. CV's or directions to Resumes must be sent to the care of Guilherme Chelles. Don't forget to put the function name in the message title for quick identification.

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