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Industrial maintenance work hires 150 workers until the 7th

Paulo Nogueira
06-07-2018 06:26:16
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Guindax hires heavy for temporary works, so hurry because time is short and there are many opportunities open

Another major industrial maintenance work promoted by Guindax company, which also regularly publicizes selection processes in your recruitment channels. In today's selection process there are 150 vacancies available, but you must hurry, because the CVs will only be received until July 7th (in less than 24 hours from the date of this post. It is worth mentioning that the activities are temporary, so let's go to the vacancies:

Requirements for the 150 vacancies

Guindax is looking for experienced professionals to join its maintenance team in the following temporary roles:

  • 4 vacancies for Maintenance Supervisors
  • 3 Vacancies for Occupational Safety Technicians
  • 3 Vacancies for Planning Technicians
  • 90 Vacancies for Industrial Mechanic
  • 40 vacancies for Welders
  • 10 Vacancies for Boilers

Candidates must have experience in industrial equipment maintenance and in industrial plants (fertilizers, mining and the like). Also, availability for travel and outside work will be required. For operational functions, the required requirements are complete high school plus professional training, while for supervisory positions, the ideal is for the candidate to have a degree in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering.

Interested and within the function, send your resume to vacancies@guindax.com.br or register on the company's website, remember that it will be necessary to inform the name of the vacancy and your current city of residence. If you want to know about other opportunities in the field of energy, oil and gas, in the header of this portal there is a search field, just type what you want in it, some results of your interests will appear.

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