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As a countermeasure to the increase in fuels, the Justice of Macaé barred this tax throughout Brazil

Paulo Nogueira
04-08-2017 08:54:04
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macaé against increase in gasoline

The Federal Justice of Macaé, city in the interior of Rio de Janeiro, accepted the popular action of a professor and lawyer, this measure is valid throughout the national territory

Macaé, popularly known as the National Capital of Petroleum, was resonated yesterday in an overwhelming way on social networks after the city justice accepted a popular action to stop, at least temporarily, the increase in fuel. The tax that the government wants to impose on Brazilians is approximately R$ 0.41 more for each liter of fuel. These rates are from PIS and Confins, which is levied on ethanol, diesel and gasoline.

Macaé enters with popular action against… 

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The AGU (Advocacy-General of the Union) in a note, said that so far it has not received the summons, but they are already mobilizing to overturn this decision.

the decree

The person who filed a popular appeal with the Vara Única de Macaé was a lawyer and professor from Bara de São João, which is also a small coastal province in RJ.

  • Following is the description of the decree of Judge Ubiratan Cruz Rodrigues: “I grant the request for urgent relief to suspend all effects of Decree 9.101/207. Comply urgently”. This measure is valid for the entire national territory.

About the author of the popular action

As this decision occurred in the first instance, then the union will also appeal, according to the Federal Court. In an interview with G1, Décio Machado Borba, author of the popular action filed on July 27, said that the reason for taking this attitude was because they simply went over the law, since this increase must be published within 90 days. . After this period, then this increase can be performed, which did not occur. Everything was done arbitrarily and without thinking about the consequences of this cost for Brazilians.


It can be clearly seen that it is yet another attempt to blame the population for its mismanagement, since it is already saturated with stratospheric unemployment rates and basic survival supplies at extremely high prices. We knew the bill would arrive anytime, but does it have to be all of it at once? Source: G1

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