Start Human Resources is summoning seafarers and asking for help

Human Resources is summoning seafarers and asking for help

March 17, 2018 11:58 am to 11:58 am
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With difficulty finding professionals with specific maritime training, Human Resources asks for help and indications

Specialists in Human Resources are calling on seafarers for immediate hiring, the call was made on the social network and the selection process is official. It turns out that for some reason, she's having trouble finding it. Click Petróleo e Gás as always will make her life easier and send some professionals from this post. But first of all, did you know that you may be competing for R$500 in your hand or courses in the oil sector paid for by us? Enter the draw here and access the regulation

The recruiter announced vacancies for Cabotage Master, Machine Conductor and 3-IV/2, they must have at least 2 years of experience as an immediate and 1 year of experience as a commander. If you have any questions about training, positions and salaries of a maritime professional, access the section that explains better about this modality and how to become a, otherwise, they can send their CVs to See her request in the print I took yesterday below:

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