How to reduce costs in the company with outsourcing services

Paulo Nogueira
29-04-2022 09:03:46
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Outsourcing services is an ally of the quality of finance. Pixabay font Outsourcing services is an ally of the quality of finance. Source: Pixabay

Outsourcing services is an ally of the quality of finance. It offers trained professionals and generates several benefits for organizations. 

Companies are getting bigger, there are several sectors working in the same organization. Managing all of them can be complicated and expensive, so outsourcing services appears as an alternative. This type of alternative is a smart way out for companies that want to focus on their business. 

Imagine an insurance company that needs to manage contracts, track claims, pay claims, and more. If you had to focus on sales, you would end up diverting some of your focus from sales.

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For this, it ends up outsourcing the sale, the auto insurance for companies and people, among others. It hires another organization that specializes in this type of service. Thus, there is a partnership that ends up being advantageous for both sides.

Outsourcing services is also quite common when it comes to customer service. Many companies hire others to provide telemarketing services or carry out logistical transport.

The gains for both are many, but when it comes to the financial part, this gets interesting. Outsourcing services can reduce expenses in different ways.

time optimization

Time is money. To handle all the work, it is necessary to hire professionals who are dedicated to the tasks.

The problem is when they are overloaded solving problems that could be delegated. Imagine a manager having to make a selection process. Your team and their tasks would be delayed and impact the business.

If there is recruitment outsourcing and selection it focuses on what it needs. Thus, he only participates in essential steps and has more time to deal with fundamental activities.

The company doesn't need two managers to do the same thing, only one will be able to handle the demand if he can focus on it. 

Improvement in the quality of services

A service outsourcing company is an expert in the field they work in. This means that it has all the expertise in the subject and has highly qualified professionals.

It trains workers and develops workers so that they get to know the work in depth. With this, it can guarantee a highly qualified workforce capable of carrying out the tasks.

In this way, the work is performed with quality. Errors are minimized and productivity is gained.

The quality of services helps to sell more, after all, consumers are looking for it. This means that costs are reduced by training people, minimizing losses and still gaining with increased sales. 

The company will have specialists in all areas and to reach this level it can outsource more than one sector if necessary. 

minimizes losses

A topic related to quality gain is loss reduction. Imagine a production line that produces quality. Errors are minimal, so there's no need to redo work or throw away material that was lost in the process.

The less time or resources that are wasted, the lower the process costs. In this example, the investment with the purchase of raw material could be reviewed as it will be better used. 

Reduction of labor costs with outsourcing services

Personnel costs are very high in any company. Paying salaries, social security contributions and terminations will burden finances.

When it reduces the number of professionals working for it, it reduces payroll expenses. It also makes it easier to forecast expenses, because you have a smaller number to deal with.

This does not mean that there will be no investment in people, however, this will be done by the outsourced company. 

Market share gain

If the company manages to produce more with the outsourcing of services and with high quality, it gains customers. Better-designed products that meet the need will be on the shelves.

People start to be interested in them, demand increases and soon the company gains market share. It begins to gain space in relation to competitors and positions itself in an attractive way.

Although the increase in market share is more related to the profit gain of the self, cost reduction cannot be overlooked. This increase is the result of outsourcing, which brought a reduction in process costs.

Outsourcing services has been heavily criticized in the past, but it is possible to see that it brings gains for companies. It manages to improve processes, raise the quality of products, provide highly qualified professionals and others.

Betting on outsourcing and services is an alternative that becomes profitable for the company and allows it to focus on its business. The best thing is that there are different sectors and areas that are outsourced, adjusting to the reality of the business. 

By: Jeniffer Elaina, from Smartia Seguros website.

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