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MODEC Hospitality: Discovery of the service provider in 6 MODEC offshore units

Paulo Nogueira
19-03-2017 19:49:58
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MODEC Hospitality Discovery of service provider in 6 offshore units MODEC Hospitality Discovery of service provider in 6 offshore units

Global hospitality company that won a contract with MODEC, GRSA is now in the hiring phase in the hotel industry.

The offshore hospitality industry is often the first step for anyone who wants to work on board without having to take many courses and training, just having a SENAC, CBSP and HUET Course in hand many times. But this follow-up ended up gaining a little more notoriety, after the MODEC opened its selection process last week In an unsettling search and with the collaboration of the page's followers Click Oilwe finally got the name of the company that will take the MODEC contract to provide hotel services on the MV29 and 6 more units that are on the way. The company name is GRSA Food Solutions and Support Services.

GRSA is a hotel company that has been operating for more than 30 years in the hotel industry, offering food services according to customer demand. With several highly qualified and trained professionals to carry out activities in any branch, especially offshore, the company's team is composed of nutritionists, cooks, stewards, salon operators, waiters and others according to the client's needs.

With regard to GRSA's offshore activities, it has great logistical expertise to meet any need for ships and rigs, always focusing on the highest standard of efficiency, speed and solutions in its service portfolio.

Some of its main customers are MODEC, Banco Safra, Bayer, Globo, Bradesco, Nestlé, Nitro Química, Panasonic and more than 130 companies in Brazil. It still holds the incredible mark of 2,000,000 units spread around the world.

how to apply

GRSA is hiring professionals, trainees and people with special needs. To apply it will be mandatory to register by COMPUTER, do not fill in anything, absolutely nothing by cell phone or tablet! If you have a LinkedIn profile, it will be even better and will speed up the registration process.

To apply for offshore hospitality jobs, Click here. For internship opportunities, you may be accessing here. for pcd, click on this link. 

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