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Carioca naval industry is optimistic about the sector's recovery

Paulo Nogueira
04-07-2018 16:48:15
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Ship Rio de Janeiro Naval Industry

In 2018, the event will take place from August 14 to 16 at the SulAmérica Convention Center and will bring together large companies in the naval and maritime industry.

The retraction of the naval, oil and gas industry in Rio de Janeiro has kept a number of companies that live off these production chains stagnant. The financial and social crisis has been bitter for some years, since the beginning of the crisis in 2014, even more accentuated by the fiscal gap that the state of Rio de Janeiro suffered. On the other hand, the effort to recover this sector is creating positive perspectives for companies in the region.

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The main event in South America dedicated to the shipbuilding, maintenance and operations sectors, the Marintec South America, will be based in Rio de Janeiro. The event will take place from August 14 to 16 at the SulAmérica Convention Center.

The main objectives are:

  • Bringing together national and international suppliers to align interests;
  • Promote business with contacts in the naval chain;
  • Create and strengthen links in this line of business.

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confirmed attendance
THE Jevin, a company headquartered in the municipality of Macaé (RJ), is also confirmed to be present at Marintec 2018. Specialist in the integration of Motorola radio communication systems, Jevin is also part of the group of optimists. Guilherme Capistrano Cunha, the company's commercial director, reveals that it is a challenge to remain in a market that has been stagnant for so long.
“I believe that, in the next two years, we will follow an evolution in the oil exploration/production business and the consequence will be an increase in the demand for products and services in this area that we operate in ICT (Information and Communication Technologies)”, says Cunha..
Wilhelmsen, a multinational with a branch in Rio de Janeiro, with a wide range of solutions for the naval area, will also have its presence confirmed at the event.
“2018 should still be a year of transition to better days for the industry ahead. We expect growth in sales of more products in the portfolio to companies present in Brazil in the naval market, as well as in the offshore market, which has been shrinking in recent years, but is already showing signs of recovery”, says the sales manager of North America. Wilhelmsen Ships Service South & Central Division Marine Products, Augusto Vieira.
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What matters most to the vast majority: jobs

The recovery of employment levels is one of the main purposes of this event, in addition to the intention of helping to remove public accounts from the red, which is so important for the resumption of the naval sector in Rio de Janeiro.
The naval industry had a decrease of 49% in employed personnel in just two years, according to a survey released by the Brazilian Institute of Geography Statistics (IBGE), on June 21, 2018. ), the sector had 61,500 jobs in 2014 and ended 2016 with 31,500. Most of this drop occurred in the state of Rio de Janeiro, where 23,000 jobs were closed, and the contingent of 31,000 workers dropped to just 8,000.
In the words of the partner and managing director Brazil at M&O Partners, Jan Lomholdt, “We are seeing positive signs, mainly driven by OPEX (Operation Expenditure – capital used to maintain a company) and CAPEX (Capital Expenditure – amount destined for investments) offshore and we expect the maritime sector to get back on track throughout 2018 and early of 2019”.
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