High prices of construction materials hit Jundiaí and region

Roberta Souza
29-04-2022 15:07:42
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Civil construction materials reach high prices, especially for those who build in the municipality of Jundiaí and Region

In agreement with what was seen in the years 2020 and 2021, when the construction market was on the rise in Jundiaí, in this year 2022 a change in prices is already felt, since there was a significant increase in the prices of construction materials. civil engineering, especially basic ones, such as steel, sand and cement.
According to the president of the Association of Companies and Professionals from Setor Imobiliário de Jundiaí e Região (Proempi), Paulo Oliva, for the time being it is not possible to stipulate the general rise in prices at the beginning of 2022, however, considering the main inputs, it is estimated that there was a rise from 10 to 15% in the price of materials. Paulo says that one of the main reasons for this increase would be the cost of freight.
Among all construction materials, the main ones that had an increase in price were those of the foundation. As Oliva says, cement and concrete blocks rose by 10%, concrete by 20%, steel by 15%, PVC pipes by 5% and ceramic coatings also had a rise. We can not say the price of materials. One of the points that may have directly contributed to the rise in prices is the decrease in the quality of services and the lack of manpower. Because of this, the civil construction sector, which had been growing greatly, ended up declining.

Increase in fuel prices must be directly related to the increase in civil construction materials

A consumer at a building materials store, Antonio Carlos Marques Junior says that the fuel causes a chain reaction. This general increase in the price of fuel led to a rise in the prices of construction materials. This is because materials that depend on transport, such as sand, steel, among others, have fuel costs.

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Clients who budgeted for works gave up halfway

With the rise in the price of construction materials, many customers who had an estimate of a value for the work, after the rise in the price of construction materials, stopped. Only those who had available money continued. There are those who also changed the project, changed the built area and even those who were going to renovate it, started, but then stopped.
The President of the Association of Building Material Traders (Acomac) of Jundiaí and Region, Carlos Eduardo Fávaro says that price adjustments are constant, according to him construction has two essential elements, the first is cement and the second is steel. . Both had the highest price and had the most impact on construction. Cement had two readjustments above 10% in an interval of a month and a half, while steel has been rising for a fortnight or week.
Still according to JJ website, the problem of high material prices has also reached material derivatives. The cement is almost R$ 40 and is used in the manufacture of blocks, slabs, mortar. The ready-mixed concrete is costing R$ 400 om3 and before the pandemic it was R$ 180. Steel, which is also at a high price, is used to manufacture nails, wires and tools.
Broadly speaking, Fávaro predicts a good price for materials at the beginning of 2022, however, in April, prices begin to rise again. This can be explained by the fact that there was a lot of rain in January and this ended up harming sales, as it is a sector that needs a favorable climate. In February there was an improvement in prices and, with the improvement in the pandemic scenario, people felt safer to buy.

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