Havan has job and internship vacancies for Brusque and at Home Office: see what they are and how to apply

Daiane Souza
02-05-2022 07:15:22
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Havan has job openings and internships for Brusque and at Home Office: see what they are and how to apply - Source: Canvas Havan has job and internship vacancies for Brusque and at Home Office: see what they are and how to apply – Source: Canvas

Havan is a well-known company in Brazil due to the fact that it has an owner with controversial opinions, Hang. Since the 2018 elections, he has shown his conservative side and defends the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro.

Among the advantages of working with Havan's job and internship vacancies, it can be said that they offer vacancies in the form of effective that guarantee that the professional will have access to a differentiated and relaxed environment; organization and transparency; meal or food vouchers; transportation vouchers; participation in the Profits of the PPR Institution; agreement with SESC; agreement with partner school; Unimed Plan (By membership); corporate citizen (6 months maternity leave and 20 days paternity leave); hour bank and great growth opportunities. In short, the institution allows you to work both at the Home Office and in the city where the institution's headquarters are located, which is Brusque. The city of Brusque is located in Santa Catarina, within the Itajaí Valley and an hour and a half from the state capital, Florianópolis. 

Meet Havana 

Video taken from Hang channel.

The Youtube channel that belongs to Luciano Hang discusses more about what Havan is and what are the advantages of working with the institution. So, if you are still in doubt whether you should dedicate yourself to the opportunities that are being offered by the brand, just see the content above. 

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How to apply for job vacancies?

Applications for job vacancies can be made through portals such as Gupy, which allows for the application of a curriculum vitae through the platform, requiring a review to ensure that there are no grammatical or spelling errors. 

In addition to Gupy, which causes a certain discord among those who are unemployed due to the infinity of tests, it is also possible to find the vacancies that are being offered by Havan through the Linkedin portal. THE linkedin is basically an online resume that allows large companies to find your profile. 

Are the vacancies in Home Office? 

Depending on the vacancy, there is the alternative of dialoguing with Human Resources in order to gain access to the home office. Generally, the vacancies that allow you to do the Home Office are aimed at the marketing and information technology team. See, below, which are the cities that are hiring and the opportunities that are being offered by the institution to those interested in growing with Havan. 

  • Administration – Leave your CV – Brusque/SC Talent Bank
  • Travel Agent - Administration - Brusque/SC Effective
  • Senior Content Analyst - Brusque/SC Effective
  • Data Analyst (ETL) with emphasis on CRM – Brusque/SC Effective
  • Digital Media Analyst – Brusque/SC and Effective Remote
  • Modeling assistant with emphasis on Quality Control - Brusque/SC Effective
  • Customer Experience Coordinator – Brusque/SC Effective
  • Data Analytics Specialist – Brusque/SC Effective
  • Internship – Journalism Course – Brusque/SC Internship
  • Stylist – Brusque/SC Effective
  • Videomaker Brusque/SC Effective

What is Havana's story? 

The term Havan would have emerged after a combination of the names of the two founders of the institution, Hang and Vanderlei. In short, Hang would have stayed with Ha, while Vanderlei would have stayed with Van. The institution would have emerged during the 80s just inside a small room, but it started to grow so much that it had to expand with each passing day in the city of Brusque, Santa Catarina. Today, they are one of the largest wholesalers in all of Brazil. 

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