Start Imports of solar panels grow by almost 200% in early 2022 due to greater use of solar energy by companies

Imports of solar panels grow by almost 200% in early 2022 due to greater use of solar energy by companies

May 13, 2022 8:36 am to 8:36 am
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Search for imported solar panels is the result of tax incentives from the federal government | Source: Canva Pro

Solar energy usage grew by almost 50% in the year 2021 and experts point to an even higher rate in the year 2022

The search for renewable energy sources is becoming urgent, due to the climate changes that are being felt in several parts of the world, including Brazil. According to data from the Electric Energy Commercialization Chamber (CCEE), energy generation from solar panels increased by 46.6% in the first half of October 2021 compared to previous months. And for 2022, experts project an even greater increase, since since 2020 the annual increase is 230%. To meet this demand, some companies have imported solar panels.

The increase in the use of solar energy was due to the emptying of the reservoirs of national hydroelectric plants, which raised the electricity tariff in 2021. As there is a policy for offsetting credits from kWh generated by solar panels, many people and companies began to invest in the production of solar energy. For companies, in addition to savings on electricity tariffs, there is the benefit of a more sustainable market placement, which is seen with good eyes by consumers.

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Imports report made by Logcomex shows that several companies have benefited from the reduction in import tax

Logcomex is a company that works with solutions related to foreign trade using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to design analytics. In her report for the first half of 2022, she points out that solar panels had a high import, mainly due to the reduction of the tax on this activity. However, imports have become very important on the national scene, as a way of meeting demand and achieving negotiable prices.

According to this report, in the first quarter of 2022 there was a significant import of products, totaling US$ 1.4 billion. This number represents a significant growth compared to previous years and puts the solar panels in 4th place in the list of most imported products in Brazil, and in 2021 they occupied the 15th position. When compared to the same period last year, we see an increase of US$ 931.8 million in products, which represents a rate of 193,12%.

Helmuth Hofstatter, CEO of Logcomex also says that this growth is justified from the combination of the reduction of import rates on product by the federal government and the increase in the search for solar energy. However, companies that import solar panels must comply with the NCM 8541.40.32 and standards of the Single Siscomex Portal, follow the Brazilian Labeling Program (PEB) and be certified by Inmetro. 

Why importing solar panels can be a great option?

You may be asking yourself: but if you sell solar panels in Brazil, why import? There are a few reasons that can answer this question. The first is that there is a tax incentive policy for imports, made by the federal government, which has zeroed the rates on this activity. Therefore, there are many price, size and efficiency options of solar panels in the world to choose from.

Furthermore, solar energy is an inexhaustible source of energy, unless the sun one day collapses, as some theories show. In this way, the investment can be reversed in a few years and then you start to have savings by accumulating generated energy credits, which reduces your electricity bill.

Finally, it is worth noting that the growing concern with renewable energy sources has moved the national market and industries. In this sense, through imports, you can have greater options for solar panels with great cost-benefit in the long term, contributing to the reduction of the use of fossil fuels.

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