Grupo Moura has job openings available for minor apprentices and internships; learn how to apply, locations and benefits

Daiane Souza
02-05-2022 15:30:10
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Grupo Moura has job openings for minor apprentices and internships, learn how to apply, locations and benefits - Source: Pixabay Grupo Moura has open job vacancies for minor apprentices and internships, learn how to apply, locations and benefits – Source: Pixabay

It is important that the candidate is enrolled in higher education, while the minor apprentice accepts anyone under the age of 21 with active enrollment in high school or elementary school. 

Grupo Moura, one of the largest battery manufacturers in Brazil, offers several benefits. Among them, are being offered to employees, we can mention: Scholarship compatible with the market; Transport Assistance or Fuel Assistance; Meals and Life Insurance. Applications for job vacancies can be made through the Gupy portal. If you are interested in registering through the Gupy portal, you will have to fill in your experiences, courses that have already been taken and other projects. Add anything that has anything to do with your academic profile and that can help the Human Resources department to call you for a job interview. Many people do not like Gupy because it has complex processes for recruitment and selection, but it is important to mention that Moura does not practice them, making the entire application process be as simple as possible. Check below the main assignments for the positions of minor apprentice and internship.

Learn more about Grupo Moura in an institutional video

Publication made on the Moura Group channel.

O Moura Group is a company already consolidated in the market and that has been the work goal of many people who are graduating in mechanical and civil engineering. 

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See here what are the opportunities offered by the institution 

Job vacancies are being offered by the institution and there are options for internship vacancies, minor apprentice and effective job vacancy, in the CLT modality. The institution is also looking for professionals who have already graduated in areas such as Consulting and Information Technology. 

  • Apprentice – Apprentice Canoes
  • Administrative Assistant Indaiatuba – Indaiatuba/SP Effective
  • Commercial assistant – Count/Effective MG
  • Commercial Assistant | Stationary - Bahia Effective
  • Management Assistant – Barueri Effective
  • Technical Assistant - Effective Barueri
  • Ferista Technical Assistant
  • Talent Bank – Truck Driver – Belo Jardim/PE Effective
  • Talent Bank – Opportunities for People with Disabilities (PWD) | Belo Jardim – Belo Jardim/PE Talent Bank
  • Talent Bank – Opportunities for People with Disabilities (PWD) | Recife/PE – Jaboatao dos Guararapes Talent Bank
  • Business Consultant (DCBE) – Effective Sao Paulo
  • Web developer - Jaboatão dos Guararapes/PE Effective

Commercial internship among the highlights of the institution's job opportunities 

The professional who is selected to carry out the commercial internship, in one of the more than 10 available vacancies, of at least 6 hours per day, you will have to have a basic domain of the Office package. Another aspect that should be highlighted is that the student must already be in the your third phase of the course. Among the functions of the intern, one can mention: 

  • Take full control of commercial areas;
  • Take care of all billing portfolio management processes;
  • Analyze proposals with sellers to decide what is viable or not for the brand; 
  • Have knowledge about the portfolio and customers of the Moura Group; 
  • Understand basic processes related to sales management; 
  • Monitor the holding of customer meetings with the company, to propose improvements for both parties. 

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