Start Government regulates "refis do simple" program that allows small business debts to be paid in installments

Government regulates "refis do simple" program that allows small business debts to be paid in installments

April 30, 2022 7:07 pm to 7:07 pm
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The federal government regulated this Friday, April 29, the “Refis do Simples” that allows small business debts to be paid in installments.

After successive extensions, the government regulated on the 29th the “Refis do Simples”, a program that will allow the installment of debts of micro, small companies, small businesses and individual microentrepreneurs (MEI). Also, the Federal Revenue published in the Official Gazette (DOU) a normative instruction that regulates the Debt Payment Rescheduling Program under the Simples Nacional (Relp). This program will benefit around 600,000 small businesses

The expectation of the tax authorities, the authority of the country that controls tax payments, is that approximately R$ 8 billion will be paid in installments by approximately 400 thousand companies, micro-enterprises and small businesses. On the side of the Attorney General's Office of the National Treasury (PGFN), around 256 thousand companies will negotiate doubts that could reach R$ 16.2 billion. To neutralize the deficit of profits that the government will have with the regulation of the program, the government published on Wednesday, 27, a provisional measure that increases from 20% to 21% the CSLL, Social Contribution on Net Profit, paid by banks.

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The membership period began this Thursday, 28, and runs until May 31 of this year. Debts that can be included by Simples are those that, according to Simples' calculation, have maturity until February of that year 2022. They can also be included of the same type. Payment in installments can be made in up to 180 installments, with a reduction of up to 90% in fines and interest, depending on the situation.
The purpose of Relp is to give the micro-enterprises, companies and small businessesand, better conditions for them to be able to face the economic effects arising from the Covid-19 pandemic, allowing them to remain regularized, as the note published on the website informs.

FPE celebrates new government regulation

The Parliamentary Entrepreneurship Front (FPE) celebrates the regulation of the Refis do Simples program. According to them, the government took a decision that comes after an extensive wait that micro and small entrepreneurs had to undergo. Although the start of the new measure was extensively extended, it started the regularization of more than 650 thousand business owners and small businesses who were eager to restart their business activities after the harsh crisis of approximately 2 years imposed by the pandemic. These data were considered by the general coordinator of the Front, Marco Bertaiolli (PSD-SP). Marco also emphasizes that the opening of the program's adhesions ends a tedious effort to guarantee the full effectiveness of Simples. As he says, since December 2021, the FPE has been trying to regularize the Refis do Simples, approved by most members of Congress.

How to join the program

as the website informs broadcast, to participate in the program, it is necessary to access the e-CAC portal, on the Revenue website,, or the Simples Nacional portal, To add debts in installments or in administrative processing, the taxpayer has to give up the installment or process.
Furthermore, the difference in the debt referring to social security contributions may also be paid in up to 60 installments, however, the installments cannot be less than R$ 300 for micro and small companies and for individual Micro Entrepreneurs, they cannot be less than R$ 50. Simple fines for non-compliance with obligations and debts of companies with declared bankruptcy are not included. Approval of the application for inclusion in the program is conditioned to the payment of the first installment, except for those who do not pay the entry fees in full by the eighth month of joining Relp. These will have their membership canceled. For taxpayers who enter on April 29, 2022, the first installment will be due on the same day.

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