Government project, Social tariff, will provide a discount on the electricity bill

Roberta Souza
11-05-2022 22:38:16
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The Social Tarifa provides a discount on the electricity bill for low-income people who sign up for the program

The electricity bill has stood out as one of the most expensive bills in Brazil. But, to alleviate the high price of the electricity bill, Equatorial Energia developed a project, the social tariff, which is currently open for registration, to help the low-income population with a discount on the electricity bill.

Thus, E+ Comunidade, a program that helps citizens obtain various benefits from the government, will help people from some municipalities in the state of Pará to enter the social tariff, which grants low-income individuals a discount of up to 65% on their utility bill. light. Furthermore, the new social tariff project also provides the population with tips on how to reduce the energy consumption and enables other services such as light bulb replacement, tree pruning, debt negotiation and others.

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Persons eligible for enrollment in the Social Tariff

According to the website, to be eligible for the social tariff, which provides a discount on the electricity bill, citizens who are interested must meet the following requirements: Be an elderly person aged 65 or over; Have a monthly family income per person equal to or less than half the minimum wage; Have a gross monthly income of up to 3 minimum wages, having a family member with a disease or a serious disability that requires permanent use of an electrical appliance; Being disabled who has the Continued Payment Benefit; Having a family registered in the government's CadÚnico;

Regardless of the form of admission to the social tariff, it is worth noting that the discount granted by the social tariff varies from 10% to 65%. Discounts are established according to the amount of kilowatt-hours consumed by the household in the reference month. The purpose of the social tariff is to serve approximately 88,000 families in Pará, providing these individuals with discounts on their electricity bills.

Cities that have not yet registered but can get the discount:

  • Marituba;
  • Santa Isabel;
  • Cametá;
  • Itaituba.

Flags on electric bill

The electricity bill flags are placed on the electricity bills according to the scenario in which the country or region of the electricity bill is located, in addition to the energy consumption demand of citizens.

The following is a list of how the charging of the electricity bill works for each type of flag:
green flag: it is imposed when there are favorable energy conditions, there is no type of increase; Yellow Flag: adhered to less favorable energy generation conditions, increase of R$ 1.874 per 100 kWh consumed; Red: when the thermal plants are connected, that is, more costly conditions for energy generation, fixed increase of R$ 3,971 and another of R$ 9,492 for each 100 kWh consumed; Water Scarcity: the most expensive in the system, adhered to in extreme conditions, an increase of R$ 14.20 for every 100 kWh consumed.

Documents required to register for the Social Rate

To subscribe to the social tariff benefit, simply have and inform the Neoenergia contract account number and the NIS – Social Identification Number. The corresponding department will validate the information in the Federal government. After the data confirmation process, the deadline for the citizen to be included in the social tariff is five working days and he will have the benefit from the next invoice.
For the individual who has the benefit and, by chance, is not the holder of the electricity bill, it is necessary to include the CPF and RG of the holder of the NIS. In this specific case, the necessary sequence would be to photograph the documentation described above and send it via WhatsApp, along with the NIS number.

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