Start Government of Rio de Janeiro will provide R$ 80 million to subsidize solar energy projects and generate jobs

Government of Rio de Janeiro will provide R$ 80 million to subsidize solar energy projects and generate jobs

April 22, 2022 10:02 am to 10:02 am
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Solar panels at sunrise – image: Freepik/SL

Since 2012, own generation of solar energy has attracted around R$ 1.9 billion in investments to RJ, generating more than 10,200 jobs and raising more than R$ 451 million to the state coffers.      

The Government of Rio de Janeiro announced on Wednesday (20) that it will provide around R$ 80 million to subsidize projects in the solar energy sector. The aim is to attract investments to the area and place RJ within the solar power generationgenerating jobs and income. According to the management of the State of Rio de Janeiro, all resources will be in a fund that is already being prepared by the development agency AgeRio. The resources can be destined to Rural Production, schools, hospitals and also to popular houses. In addition, a program for the revitalization of industrial condominiums will also be launched and will be part of the group that will use the resources applied by the government of RJ.  

Government of RJ invests resources in favor of the main sectors of the State, in particular, the solar energy sector

According to the Secretary of Economic Development of the State of Rio, Cássio Coelho, there is a growing demand for projects set up in RJ, which could benefit from the cost reduction offered by solar energy.

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This initiative was in agreement with the Brazilian Photovoltaic Solar Energy Association, Absolar, from the Light, Enel and Energisa concessionaires, Codin, and AgeRio, in addition to other entrepreneurs in the sector.

According to Absolar, RJ has 342.8 megawatts (MW) of solar energy in homes, businesses, industries, rural properties and public buildings. The state also has 41,389 operational connections, distributed among the 92 municipalities of Rio de Janeiro.

Power generation for smart cities

The executive branch of Rio de Janeiro is working on a new project to turn some municipalities in the state into “smart cities” models. In February, the Italian networks Enel X, Leonardo and TIM signed a memorandum of intent (MoU) with the government of RJ to find solutions to make a city smart, safe and resilient.

The focus is to start with the capital of Rio de Janeiro and make it a connected e-city, with high technologies for transport infrastructure, connectivity and lighting, in addition to digital transformation and new high-efficiency models for energy supply.

For companies and public buildings, the focus will be on energy efficiency, through the development of engineering solutions, offering energy from renewable sources in distributed generation plants and the use of real-time monitoring platforms for climate control.

Niterói, RJ, is investing in solar farms and solar roofs

In mid-March of this year, the city of Niterói also announced its new plans for investments in the energy sector. The purpose of the Niterói project is to use photovoltaic solar energy, through farms and solar roofs.

According to the municipal climate secretary, Luciano Paez, the objective is to try to reduce gas emissions in the city, in addition to increasing the use of renewable energy. The great expectation is that the scaled energy generation will be approximately 180 megawatts (MW). In the Teto Solar project, the objective is to take advantage of the availability of public buildings for the generation of photovoltaic energy. The goal is to have 800 boards installed by 2024. The investment in the project will be R$ 1 million.  

Governor Cláudio Castro (PL) signed in March, in New York City, a protocol of intent with Nasdaq and the Global Environmental Asset Platform (Geap) to carry out studies related to the creation of a platform exclusively for asset trading. environmental.

This action is part of an attempt to retake the RJ Stock Exchange, which has been closed since the 2000s. Over the course of 90 days, several pilot projects will be developed, in addition to the discussion of proposals.

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