Start Government of Pernambuco is about to regain the autonomy of the Port of Suape and promises, with this, the expansion of jobs and income to the people of Pernambuco

Government of Pernambuco is about to regain the autonomy of the Port of Suape and promises, with this, the expansion of jobs and income to the people of Pernambuco

May 6, 2022 3:02 pm to 3:02 pm
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The Ministry of Infrastructure, in a meeting, assured the government of Pernambuco that the Port of Suape would regain its autonomy within 60 days

In a meeting held this Wednesday (4th), the Ministry of Infrastructure assured the government of Pernambuco that, within the next 60 days, the process of recovering the autonomy of the Port of Suape will be completed, development that recently presented new solutions in sustainability. The elaboration of the new agreement for the delegation of competence and the return of autonomy in the administration of contracts is being finalized by the ministry, so that the Port of Suape should become the third public port in the country to obtain this credential.

According to the Minister of Infrastructure, Marcelo Sampaio, the Port of Suape has the necessary requirements for the return of its autonomy. The minister also highlighted the publication, in the Official Gazette (DOU) of last April 28, of the elimination of Ilha da Cocaia from the physical limits of the orderly port of Suape. Due to this decision, it will become feasible to install, in the area, a ore which will enable the completion of the railway responsible for connecting the metal deposits of Piauí to the anchorage of Pernambuco, in a length of 713 kilometers.

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Governor of Pernambuco celebrates the feasibility of the railroad and the achievement of the resumption of autonomy for Suape

The governor of the state of Pernambuco, Paulo Câmara, highlighted that progress is being made on points that his government has been fighting for for many years. According to him, the feasibility of the railroad, as well as the resumption of the Port of Suape's autonomy, are essential achievements that will provide more jobs and development for the state of Pernambuco. At the meeting, which was held at the Ministry of Infrastructure, Câmara was accompanied by the president of the Port of Suape, Roberto Gusmão; the Port Planning Director, Francisco Martins; and federal deputy Fernando Monteiro.

Furthermore, Roberto Gusmão, CEO of the Port of Suape, also analyzed that, thanks to the recovery of autonomy, the port will resume the competence for the administration of studies, preparation of public notices, execution of bidding procedures and the signing of contracts relating to port leases more quickly and with less bureaucracy. According to the director, the Suape complex will also be in charge of approving the expansions and densification of areas, in addition to anticipated extensions of contracts in force.

Such attributions were lost by Brazilian public ports in 2013 and, thus, all administrative functions related to new investments in public ports began to be coordinated by the Secretary of Ports (SEP).

Planning Director relates recovery of his autonomy to excellence in the management of the Suape Complex

The director of Planning and Management of the Port of Suape, Francisco Martins, stated that the resumption of the port's autonomy is a process that has been going on for some time and that Suape has been fighting to conquer it. According to Martins, this is due to the achievement of the Port Authorities' Management Index, which proves the excellence in port administration and which made its rescue possible. For him, all this is added to other good news that have been announced and that will continue to be broadcast about Suape, thanks to a well-defined strategic management.

Finally, Roberto Gusmão also added that autonomy will provide faster processes, in order to make the Port of Suape even more competitive in attracting companies and new cargo, which will have a direct impact on the economy of Pernambuco and on the job generation and income for the people of Pernambuco.

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