MG government offers 40 thousand vacancies in free postgraduate courses

Valdemar Medeiros
05-05-2022 12:18:49
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Government of MG - Minas Gerais - post graduation - free courses - EAD Trilhas de Futuro opens 40 thousand vacancies in free courses for professionals in the public network – image: SEE/MG/Disclosure

The Government of MG is offering more than 30 thousand places in free postgraduate, master's and doctoral courses so that teachers and other professionals can improve in their area of expertise.

THE Secretary of State for Education of Minas Gerais announced this Wednesday (4th), the opening of registration for workers and teachers to participate in the “Trails of Future Educators”, a special edition of the MG Government program that offers free postgraduate courses in the state. Registration will be open until next Friday (13) and there are approximately 40,000 vacancies in postgraduate courses (specialization and MBA), master's and doctorate in private or public higher education institutions, previously accredited.

Free Postgraduate Courses from the Government of MG

According to a note issued by the Government, initially, applications will be for 23,200 vacancies in free MBA and specialization courses. The MG Government program will also provide doctoral and master's degrees, but the schedule for these types of postgraduate training will follow the availability of higher education institutions responsible for offering the courses.

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In these cases, in addition to the project criteria, the candidate must also go through the institution's selection process. During the academic year, according to the availability of the Institutions, new vacancies will be opened.

The project will qualify for free courses that dialogue with the practice of education professionals, in relation to “teaching mathematics, pedagogical coordination, Libras, public management, comprehensive education, literacy and literacy, arts and many others.

According to the Government of MG, in the Course Catalog, which is available on the registration platform, it is possible to check all the free postgraduate courses open at Trilhas de Futuro Educadores. The estimate is that the courses and MBA classes will start on the 30th of the next month.

How to apply for the postgraduate program of the Government of Minas Gerais?

Those who are interested should access the website of the Trilhas de Futuro program. On the page there are several important information, it is necessary to read carefully. For registration, important data such as CPF, Analysis and Problem Solving Methodology (MASP), Admission Number, among other information will be required.

SEE civil servants with a degree, higher technological course or bachelor's degree who occupy effective and stable positions in the careers of: Basic Education Teacher (PEB); Educational Analyst (ANE); Specialist in Basic Education (EEB); Educational Analyst/School Inspector (ANEI); Education Technician (TDE); Basic Education Analyst (AEB); Basic Education Technical Assistant (ATB) and Education Assistant (ASE).

It is necessary to be working at the Central Unit, school unit or Regional Education Superintendencies of SEE/MG. It is worth mentioning that those who are approved must look for the higher education institution to register from May 18 to June 1. For clarification of doubts, access the NOTICE made available by the Government of MG.

Learn more about the free postgraduate course program

O Project Trails of the Future-Educators, is a broad professional development and continuing education project instituted and regulated by SEE Resolution No. 4,697, of January 13, 2022, whose mission is to train civil servants in topics related to the objectives and goals set by SEE/MG, providing them with , professional training at the level of improvement, postgraduate and lato and stricto sensu graduation.

In addition, it also seeks to generate value for employees through permanent training, improving their skills and competences, rationalizing and making investments in training more effective.

The Program aims to contribute to the rise of civil servants in their respective careers, improving the quality of education provided by the state public network of Minas Gerais.

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