Start Good winds are blowing for the Drilling sector in 2019

Good winds are blowing for the Drilling sector in 2019

July 23, 2018 1:05 am to 1:05 am
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Exploratory Wells
Good winds are blowing for the well exploration industry in 2019.

Good winds are blowing for the Drilling sector in 2019 and at least four oil companies plan to work on up to 23 wells next year.

Forecast of BOns winds blow to the Drilling sector that intends to shake up the oil and gas market in 2019. Since 2014, there has not been an optimistic forecast in the offshore exploratory drilling sector. In 2018, drilling campaigns were started (up to 23 wells) for at least four companies in the oil industry (drilling). They are: Petrobras, PetroRio, Equinor and Shell. With this news, the year 2019 foresees a resumption in the sector, generating new jobs.

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The numbers

Far from the times of the “fat cows” of 2011, in the Santos field, when 129 exploratory wells were drilled in the ocean, we can still say that in 2017 there was a timid recovery in the sector, thus recording eight wells drilled at sea. We need to value all efforts and revitalize hopes and the certainty that the market will react positively.

The companies.

The Licensing Auctions that took place in 2017 were mostly for exploratory wells. Only the PetroRio campaign, which had five wells (Foz do Amazonas) in areas acquired in the 11th round, held in 2013.

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The Auctions.

The government has already sold the concession for 44 offshore exploration blocks since the resumption of auctions in Brazil. After ending the exclusive operation of state-owned Petrobras in the pre-salt area, a reflection of Senator José Serra's project, nine of the 44 blocks were in the production-sharing regime. Another 35 blocks were conquered by oil companies with concession areas (during wheels 14a and 15a). Still far from the environmental licensing to start exploration of wells, as they need to acquire seismic data (aiming to expand knowledge of the area), the Sergipe-Alagoas, Potiguar and Ceará basins have already been tendered in the concession rounds. In the Campos and Santos basins, the oil companies anticipate their licensing due to the availability of recent seismic data and geological knowledge in more than enough quantity.

In this way, we can really say that good winds are blowing for the Drilling sector in 2019 and we hope that an avalanche of jobs will really emerge from next year.


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