Gol opens job vacancies in the home office modality and without higher education requirement for candidates from all over Brazil

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20-04-2022 10:05:24
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Gol, one of the largest companies in the airline sector, has opened new job openings for the position of teleoperator. Home office vacancies are intended for candidates who have completed high school and are over 18 years old.

During the pandemic, airline companies were the most impacted by the economic crisis, given that many people, for a long time and also due to the quarantine, had to stop traveling due to isolation and due to the financial conditions of the companies. families, which certainly ended up generating unemployment for many people. However, with the almost “end” of the pandemic, several companies are managing to get back on their feet and circumvent the crisis, as is the case with Gol Linhas Aéreas, which announced this Tuesday (19) the opening of several home office job vacancies for professionals who want work at home and without demanding too many requirements.

Check out all the details about Gol's home office vacancies

Currently, Gol has several job openings for the position of teleoperator home office. Therefore, in practice, the professionals hired for the opportunities will work in the company's Customer Service team, as telemarketing.

For home office vacancies, the Goal requires only complete high school not being necessary technician or superior complete or in progress. Those approved will be responsible for serving the sales channel, ensuring, through responsive service, a great, simple, intelligent and humane customer experience.

It will also carry out air ticket sales, identify new opportunities for ancillary revenue offers and customer needs will be part of the service, so it is essential that the candidate enjoys what he does. Among the requirements demanded by Gol for job vacancies are:

  • Complete high school;
  • Time availability;
  • Age Range: From 18 years old.

Equipment needed for home office vacancies

Gol requires candidates to have a notebook or computer with an Intel Core i3 6100T processor or higher, with 4 GB or more free RAM memory, 90 GB free HD, 03 USB 2.0 ports, Computer with Windows 10 operating system or higher with an antivirus installed, fixed internet, with a minimum speed of 30 MB, so the use of 3G or Wi-fi is not allowed, but it is possible to connect the router cable directly to the device.

The company cares about its employees, so it needs them to create an adequate workspace to work in the jobs made available. You will need a standard office desk and chair.

For Notebook users, it is necessary to have a stand and a keyboard so that it is directed towards your eyes. Those who are interested in home office vacancies should access the company's website at Gupy and apply for vacancies using some personal data.

About the company

As one of the first companies to act in an innovative way, Gol was also the first in the field to launch the first check-in service done by cell phone, innovating in the Brazilian aviation market.

In addition, it was also responsible for the geolocation service for its customers and a website with accessible resources to serve those with physical and visual impairments.

The company started operating on January 15, 2001 with a Boeing 737 and later founded GOLLOG, the company's cargo and logistics service, which began operating 15 days after GOL was founded. Currently the company has several brands such as GOL, GOLLOG, VOE Facil, Miles and several others.

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