Gasoline price on the rise: ANP ranking shows the states with the most expensive gasoline in the country

Fábio Lucas
30-04-2022 22:46:00
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gasoline fuel price anp Gasoline price: ANP ranking shows the states with the most expensive gasoline in the country

Ranking released by the ANP shows the states of the federation where consumers pay more for gasoline

Due to several factors, all states in Brazil are suffering strongly from the consecutive increases in the price of gasoline. According to the national ranking of gasoline prices, published by ANP (National Petroleum Agency), Piauí is the state where the consumer pays more for the liter of Gasoline

The ranking released by the ANP showed that people from Piauí pay much more than consumers in other states. Piauí is the only state where the average price of a liter of gasoline is above R$ 8. Today, the liter is traded in the state for R$ 8.13, on average. 

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gasoline fuel price anp
Marcello Casal jr/Agência Brasil

With R$ 7.77 per litre, Rio de Janeiro is the second state where gas stations charge more. In third place is the Federal District, where the liter is sold for R$ 7.70. 


  1. Piauí: R$ 8.13 
  1. Rio de Janeiro: R$ 7.77 
  1. Federal District: R$ 7.70 
  1. Rio Grande do Norte: R$ 7.66 
  1. Minas Gerais: R$ 7.60 
  1. Goiás: R$ 7.59 
  1. Acre: R$ 7.53 
  1. Espírito Santo: R$ 7.51 
  1. Tocantins: R$ 7,488 
  1. Ceará: R$ 7.446 
  1. Rondônia: R$ 7.36 
  1. Pará: R$ 7.33 
  1. Sergipe: R$ 7.32 
  1. Amazonas: R$ 7.32 
  1. Paraná: R$ 7.28 
  1. Bahia: R$ 7.26 
  1. Pernambuco: R$ 7.23 
  1. Maranhão: R$ 7.18 
  1. Santa Catarina: R$ 7.17 
  1. Alagoas: R$ 7.14 
  1. Mato Grosso: R$ 7.088 
  1. Roraima: R$ 7.057 
  1. Mato Grosso do Sul: R$ 7.056 
  1. Paraíba: R$ 7.036 
  1. São Paulo: R$ 6.954 
  1. Rio Grande do Sul: R$ 6.908 
  1. Amapá: R$ 6.356 

Due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the price of gasoline has gone up all over the world. In 2016, Brazil started to apply the Import Parity Price (PPI). Until that time, the country controlled the price of fuel as a way of protecting the consumer price from inflation. However, the measure caused great damage to Petrobras' coffers. 

Natural gas has an increase of 19%

The new prices of natural gas went into effect this Sunday, May 1st. THE Petrobras announced an increase of 19% in the price charged to distributors. The value will not change in the next quarter, where there should be a new adjustment according to the price of oil and the exchange rate variation.  

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