Free online courses in English, French, Spanish and Italian are offered by Kultivi

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29-04-2022 09:49:13
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The free online courses in English, French, Spanish and Italian are offered by Kultivi, startup Curitibana, through a platform that has more than 5 thousand classes

Many free online courses are being offered by Kultivi, from Curitiba, considered one of the best teaching platforms in the country. The startup from the state of Paraná offers free online courses in English, Spanish, French and Italian. In addition to language courses, Kultivi offers free online courses in other areas, with more than 5,000 recorded lessons.

About Kultivi

Kultivi is an Edtech that produces and disseminates educational content for free to contribute to the personal and professional development of all Brazilians. The actions of the startup from Paraná are based on values such as gratuity, quality and transparency. From the conception of the idea, Kultivi's mission is to always provide the platform user with a free way to access content and courses online and free and of quality. They seek to be the main platform for studies, and for that, they have a multidisciplinary team, concerned with the students' experience on the startup platform or in the application.

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Check out the free online courses provided by Kultivi

Online French Course: Learn French with Kultivi's free online French course, this course has 76 lessons with over 35 hours of content, with a certificate at the end. It teaches spoken language and grammar, focusing on everyday situations, and is divided into 3 modules that cover basic, intermediate and advanced content.

Online Spanish Course: There are 60 hours of free online course with classes organized so that the student knows the importance of the language. The Online Spanish course has content planned with thematic units, covering grammar and vocabulary in context, so you learn to communicate in Spanish from the very first lessons.

Complete English Course: Kultivi's free online English course has 225 classes, ranging from the basics of communication, adjectives, pronouns, verbs, dialogues, grammar and even conversation, with a differentiated methodology. There is no level to start, and after finishing the course following all the tips and guidelines of the teacher, you will be able to communicate in English, but learning will depend only on your effort.

Online Italian Course: Kultivi's free online Italian course has 36 complete beginner-level lessons. In this course you will learn the basics of how to communicate and understand basic words and dialogues, you will also have grammar classes, reading sentences and texts, and dialogue practices.

See the subjects of this course: Alphabet, pronunciation, formal and informal, regular and irregular plural, verbs, numbers, vocabulary, articles, dialogues, possessives, hours, body parts, days of the week and reading.

Basic to Advanced Italian Course: Kultivi's Italian course has 82 complete lessons from beginner to advanced level. In this course you will easily learn to communicate and understand the Italian language.

Kultivi 2.0 English Course: English course with a workload of 72 hours. Organization of sequential classes, with new clothes, and different teaching material. Classes with the main doubts of the old course. Study links linking old course practice exercises. New grammatical topics covered.

To register for any of the free online courses offered by Kultivi, simply click on the course of interest above, and you will be directed to the Kultivi website.

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