Vacancies for a free course on decentralized finance are offered by the Central Bank

Roberta Souza
05-05-2022 22:24:06
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The free course on Finance is an initiative of the Laboratory of Technological Financial Innovations of the Central Bank

The Central Bank of Brazil will administer a free online theoretical and practical course on decentralized finance (DeFi). The course classes start from next Friday, 6.

The initiative to distribute free courses on finance was based on a LIFT Learning project (Laboratory of Technological Financial Innovations) of the Central Bank of Brazil, which aims to introduce new students to the free course on finance to the essential tools for a complete understanding of decentralized finance, in a technical and operational way, in addition to contextualizing it internally in the most developed financial and cryptocurrency ecosystems today.

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Learn more about the finance course

The free course, which will be about Decentralized Finance, will be divided into two parts, called modules. In the first module, students selected for the free course on finance will have access to the first part of the material offered by the course, which will be on the basics of the technology underlying decentralized finance protocols, such as blockchain networks and smart contracts. The classes of this first introductory phase will deal with the history and use cases of decentralized finance in today's, that is, modern world.

In the second stage of the free course offered by the Central Bank, that is, the second module of the free course on finance, which comprises most of the classes offered in the entire course, the selected students will have practical classes to develop their knowledge and/or learn more on solidity programming (programming language used by the Ethereum network, blockchain reference in applications based on smart contracts).
In addition to this theoretical part in solidity programming, selected students will also be introduced to the technical and practical principles of other sectors of the cryptocurrency industry, such as Web3, NFTs (non-replaceable tokens) and DAOs (decentralized independent organizations).

Prerequisites to participate

According to the website Exame, to enter the free course on finance, there are no prerequisites established by the Central Bank and anyone interested in the world of decentralized finance can sign up to have access to the course classes.
After completing the course offered by the Central Bank, students who participated in the classes in the two modules will have to develop a project that will be based on smart contracts, the base theme of one of the classes in module two. The best initiatives created by the students will receive grants funded by the cryptocurrency exchange, Bitcoin Market, so that the developers of the chosen project can advance with the development of the projects, built through the knowledge acquired in the free course on decentralized finance offered by the central bank.

How to register

Registration for the free course on finance can be made by filling out a form available through the link provided at the end of the article.
The offer of the free Central Bank finance course will be officially announced in a ceremony held in person at the Federal Institute of Brasília this Wednesday, 4th, and the finance course classes will start next Friday, 6th.

To those interested in the course on finance, to register for filling the vacancies of the free course is enough click here, which will automatically redirect the page.

Click Petróleo e Gás is not responsible for filling the vacancies of the free course on decentralized finance offered by the Central Bank, only promoting opportunities in various places in Brazil and the world. To apply and find out more information, go to the website or profile of the company that is offering vacancies for the course. Good luck!

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