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Four new oil platforms are arriving in the Campos Basin

Paulo Nogueira
24-06-2017 09:49:11
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Four new oil platforms are arriving in the Campos Basin

Petrobras announced in a lecture at the Brazil offshore that the Campos Basin and surrounding cities will be completely revitalized, generating jobs and boosting the economy in the coming years

THE Petrobras intend to implement more 4 oil units in the Campos Basin as of 2018. The FPSO Cidade de Campos de Goytacazes is rated to first produce the Tartaruga Verde and Tartaruga Mestiça deposits. Merlin's Field will also feature 2 brand new platforms. The Albacora Field also received one more to produce the pre-salt.

Mauro Destri, who is the manager of the Complementary Projects area of the Campos Basin, said that reinvigorating the Marlim asset is a priority, because the project foresees the production of oil and gas until 2052 if all goes well, as announced in the presentation at Brazil Offshore fair 2017(click here to see the balance of the event). Destri also adds that while the world average decline in mature fields reaches 12%, the Campos Basin has an average of 9%, so if new technologies and investments are applied, more economic development for the cities of Norte Fluminense and Lagos Region will be maximized. .

Mauro Destri Brazil Offshore 2017

Currently, Petrobras produces in the Campos Basin around 1.3 million barrels of oil every day. This value is equivalent to a colossal 64% of the state-owned company's productivity.

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