Start Fake Energy Petroleum recruiters were unmasked in employment scam!

Fake Energy Petroleum recruiters were unmasked in employment scam!

March 15, 2018 9:58 am to 09:58
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Causing a lot of distrust to candidates when sending course slips for them to pay, we decided to investigate the alleged vacancies.

a little while ago the Click Oil and Gas and other major media published alleged job vacancies in the oil and gas sector, the recruiters called themselves representatives of Energy Petroleum. It was a publication on Linkedin announcing the calls for professionals from various segments and professional backgrounds.

They claimed that people had to pay for a specific course to work in the company and they responded by already sending a payment order in the form of a slip for an “alleged qualification school for these courses”.

As the publication was on a professional social network and the “stelionator” managed to name his profile with the name of the company, many fell for the scam but luckily he was discovered and some had already fallen for the scam, see how.

  1. E-mail whose name is not its own domain - despite being a common practice among recruiters to use outlook, gmail, hotmail and other free servers so as not to compromise the company's servers, the swindlers used the pretext that due to them having run out to arrive in Brazil, they still didn't have an official e-mail.
  2. No CNPJ was found – every company that eventually sets up shop in the country, is issued an operation CNPJ, asked in the same way, it said that it had not yet resolved these bureaucratic issues.
  3. She tried to use the names of renowned recruiters in the Brazilian oil and gas market to try to gain the trust of candidates – Amazingly, she said that CEPEM (CENTER FOR BUSINESS PSYCHOLOGY) was in negotiations with her to help with recruitment.

The Discovery of the Coup

Although we have published these vacancies (WHICH WE REGRET IT VERY MUCH), we contacted CEPEM to verify the veracity of the information. She called the official headquarters of Energy Petroleum in the United States and they said that there are no operations in progress in Brazil. Asked, again publicly by us and other people post-coup discovered, the swindlers deleted the profile and removed all posts.

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