Engeman is offering several onshore and offshore job openings in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Pernambuco

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09-05-2022 15:40:52
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Engeman's job openings in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Pernambuco are for different levels of education

Engeman, a service provider company in the oil and gas segment, has many onshore and offshore job openings for the states of Pernambuco, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Engeman's job openings are for the following positions: painter, welder, cargo handling leader, estimator, electrical technician, radio operator, mechanical technician and much more. It is worth mentioning that candidates must have specific and valid certificates.

Founded in 1983, Engeman works with excellence in the development of solutions for the various sectors of the industry. Engeman is one of the most solid in the Brazilian market in maintenance and operation of industrial equipment in maritime and terrestrial installations. Other activities strongly performed by it include the manufacture of components and equipment and the sale of national and imported parts.

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Check out some of the featured jobs at Engeman and their requirements

vacancy for Supply Chain Intern – Recife, Pernambuco: Desirable English; Intermediate Excel; Studying a degree in Civil Engineering/Production/Administration/Logistics.

job vacancy for Production Operator – Macaé, Rio de Janeiro: 02 years of experience in offshore regime; Technical certificate of Petroleum, Mechanics, Chemistry, Electricity or Instrumentation; Have the certificates below within the validity period: CBSP, HUET, CONFINED SPACE (NR-33), WORK AT HEIGHT (NR-35), NR-13.

job vacancy for Mechanical Technician TBM – Macaé, Rio de Janeiro: Technical training in mechanics; Minimum experience of 04 years in the function, working in industrial area with emphasis on turbomachinery; Mandatory Courses: CBSP/HUET; Desirable Courses: Confined Space (NR33), Working at Height (NR35).

job vacancy for Electrical Technician - Brazil: 03 years of experience with Hoist and Crane maintenance; Technical Certificate in electrical engineering; CFT/CRT with up-to-date annuity; Possess the following valid certificates: NR-10 40H AND 16H, NR-37 HIGH VOLTAGE, WORK AT HEIGHTS (NR-35).

General Assistant – Recife, Pernambuco: Elementary School (1st grade).

See other job openings offered by Engeman and their locations

  • Industrial Estimator – Recife, Pernambuco;
  • Logistics Assistant – Macaé, Rio de Janeiro;
  • Cargo Handling Leader – Macaé, RJ;
  • Offshore Quality Supervisor – São Paulo, São Paulo;
  • Accounting Internship – Recife, Pernambuco;
  • Person in Charge – Recife, Pernambuco;
  • Offshore Maintenance Coordinator – São Paulo, São Paulo;
  • Utility Operator – São Paulo, São Paulo;
  • Integrity Inspector – Offshore – Macaé, Rio de Janeiro;
  • Cabotage Master – Macaé, RJ;
  • Jatista – Macaé, Rio de Janeiro;
  • DP Internship – Recife, Pernambuco;
  • Maintenance Coordinator – COMAN – Offshore – São Paulo, São Paulo;
  • Crane – Macaé, Rio de Janeiro;
  • Radio Operator – Macaé, RJ;
  • Mechanical Helper - Brazil;
  • Instrumentation Technician – Offshore – Macaé, RJ;
  • Electrical Technician – Macaé, Rio de Janeiro;
  • Onshore Painter – Macaé, RJ;
  • Instrumentation Technician – Araçás, Bahia;
  • Instrumentation Technician TBM – São Paulo, Sao Paulo;
  • Electrical Technician TBM – São Paulo, São Paulo;
  • Electrical Supervisor N3 – Offshore – Macaé, RJ;
  • Workover Safety Technician – Macaé, Rio de Janeiro;
  • Personnel Department Analyst – Macaé, RJ;
  • Platform Assistant – Macaé, Rio de Janeiro;
  • Climbing boilermaker NI – Macaé, Rio de Janeiro;
  • Occupational Safety Technician – Onshore – Macaé, RJ;
  • Occupational Safety Technician – Recife, Pernambuco;
  • Onshore Welder Boiler – Macaé, RJ;
  • Climbing welder NI – Macaé, Rio de Janeiro;
  • Refrigeration Technician – Rio de Janeiro, RJ;
  • Climbing painter NI – Macaé, RJ.

Applications for Engeman job opportunities

To apply for jobs at Engeman just click here, select the job vacancy of interest and apply.

Click Petróleo e Gás is not responsible for filling the job openings offered by Engeman, only promoting opportunities in several places in Brazil and the world. To apply and find out more information, go to the website or profile of the company that is offering job vacancies and be sure to check out the requirements and activities. Good luck!

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