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Energy Company is receiving CVs for projects in Brazil

Paulo Nogueira
08-05-2018 05:33:01
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Officially released by Human Resources, professionals who wish to work in the energy sector can register

the sector of energy of Brazil in one of the segments that employ the most, after all, who lives without it in modern civilization, right? For this reason, we have officially announced the season for capturing CVs on demand from a large company that managed projects in the national territory and ended up asking Petra Group to manage these professionals. Here are some of the professionals in demand:

how to apply

No geographic delimitation or experience for the technical positions was mentioned, just that you have the training in each area, the company will probably provide specific occupational training for the role you will develop in the energy sector:

  • Substation technician – They can be professionals trained in Electrotechnics, Electronics, Mechanics and Buildings. They must have technical training in a school recognized by MEC and CREA( We recommend Premium Cursos Técnicos em Macaé that can solve this in 45 days)
  • Transmission Line Technician – Must be an Electrotechnician and obtain CREA, if you have specific courses in the area it will be a differential
  • Logistics supervisor  – Must have experience, face-to-face with higher education courses, but the question of degree of study is not an eliminatory factor in the process

Interested and within the role, please send your resume to ggnmrecrutamento@gmail.com. The company asks for referrals, if you know someone who meets these requirements, please share this post on the social buttons in the article or tag in the comments tab at the end of this article. Remembering that there are some opportunities that were announced yesterday here on the portal, they have for the offshore area, onshsore and registration with Odebrecht, access the jobs tab and check out some of them today.

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Paulo Nogueira
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