Start Energisa launches professional qualification project to foster a technological hub in MG

Energisa launches professional qualification project to foster a technological hub in MG

April 29, 2022 11:52 am to 11:52 am
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Project Presentation – Photos: Energisa/Disclosure

Energisa develops a new program that aims to encourage professional qualification so that a technology hub in MG is built. Applications can be made from the month of May.

Energisa launched this Wednesday (27) the 'Rio Pomba Valley', a project that aims to unite the audiovisual creation talent of Zona da Mata with new digital technologies to develop an environment conducive to the generation of innovative businesses, integrated with reality local. The project will begin by providing professional qualification with market skills for the development of an ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship, basis to encourage the creation of a technology hub in MG. 

Energisa project will open registration at the beginning of May

The “Rio Pomba Valley” was launched this Wednesday (27), in Cataguases – Reproduction/Youtube

The inauguration of Rio Pomba Valley, in MG, will be attended by Ricardo Botelho, CEO of Energisa, in addition to representatives of National Confederation of Industry (CNI), with the participation of the Federation of Industries of the State of Minas Gerais (FIEMG) and also of the National Learning Service (Senai), which will be one of the partner providers of professional qualification.

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The first action of Rio Pomba Valley in MG will take place with the opening of registrations on May 3 for the Information Technology professional qualification course. In total, 40 places will be available for people aged between 18 and 49, for classes taught in partnership with SESI Nacional, SENAI and FIEMG.

The projection is that the training will start in June in the hybrid modality, that is, an online part and another in person. The launch of the Rio Pomba Valley project in MG is in line with Digitization, one of Energisa's 4Ds, a concept that governs the business strategy and also includes diversification, decarbonization and decentralization.

Discover the four pillars of Energisa's professional qualification project

The choice of Zona da Mata in MG encompasses, at the same time, Energisa's century-old history and vision of the future. The municipality of Cataguases, part of the region, expanded along with the company, which is currently considered the largest private group in the electric power sector in the country. More than 100 years later, the group is committed to its innovation strategy to continue the advancement and transformation of the MG region.

For Ricardo Botelho, the project is just the first step, which focuses on professional qualification, generating opportunities for an ecosystem of innovation and creativity in the Zona da Mata region to be generated.

Taking advantage of an ecosystem with vocational education institutions, universities, and a great history of creation and entrepreneurship, Rio Pomba Valley was born to meet the needs of technology. The Program operates based on four essential pillars for Energisa, such as partnerships with private and public bodies to promote the initiative, creation of an environment for the development of medium and small entrepreneurs, education with professional qualification based on the formation of an innovation ecosystem and creativity and the community, in the interaction and cooperation between companies, startups and universities.

About the company

Grupo Energisa completed 117 years in 2022, being the fifth largest energy group in Brazil, supplying the energy demands of 8 million consumers in 11 states of the country, which is equivalent to 10% of the Brazilian population.

In total, the company controls 11 distributors located in the states of Minas Gerais, Paraíba, Sergipe, Mato Grosso, Tocantins, Mato Grosso do Sul, Paraná, São Paulo, Acre and Rondônia, in a concession area covering 2,034 thousand km², the which is equivalent to 24% in Brazilian territory. The group's activities also include the sale and provision of services related to electricity and several others.

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