Elon Musk worried? Ford vows to challenge Tesla as global electric vehicle leader

Fábio Lucas
28-04-2022 22:00:46
in Electric Vehicles
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Ford expects to catch up to Tesla's numbers in the global electric vehicle market as early as the next few years. Is Elon Musk worried about Ford's new target?

With most countries working to reduce carbon emissions, the global race for ever more efficient and cheaper electric vehicles is escalating. Today, Elon Musk's Tesla is leader in the electric car market, however, companies like Ford are investing heavily in the segment, promising to increase pressure on the company from the south african billionaire

On Tuesday, the 26th, Jim Farley, CEO of the US company, highlighted that Ford is working to take Tesla's place as a global leader in electric vehicles. 

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Can Ford overtake Elon Musk's Tesla? 

Ford's new goal is clearly the most ambitious since investing in electric cars began. Earlier, the same CEO said that Ford would be eyeing number two in the U.S, however, this has changed.  

"We plan to challenge Tesla and all competitors to become the world's largest electric vehicle manufacturer. This is something no one would have believed just two years ago. They'll look at this truck and believer”, highlighted Jim Farley during a launch event for the production of the electric pickup F-150 Lightning. 

Jim Farley gave no further details on the timeframe the company expects it will overtake Tesla: ''All we can control is the next four years, the next product cycle'', he added. 

Tesla has a big advantage in the electricity sector 

Ford will have to work hard to take advantage that Tesla has in the global electric vehicle market. Jim Farley pointed out that the company aims to have a production capacity of 600,000 cars by the year 2023. Last year alone, Tesla delivered a total of 930 million EVs. 

At the same time that Tesla has a big advantage, Ford highlights that it aims to have the production capacity of 2 million electric vehicles per year by 2026. Currently, the flagship of electric vehicles from company is the F-150 Lightnin, which has seen a huge increase in production. 

Farley noted that Ford was able to produce 2,000 F-150 Lightnings during the vehicle's first two weeks of production at a plant in Michigan. 

Tesla is the target of major companies in the sector in the world. In addition to Ford, BMW recently declared that Elon Musk's company's leadership in the sector is coming to an end. Pieter Nota, sales director of the BMW Group, stated that the German company expects that as early as 2030, 50% of the company's sales will be electric cars. 

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