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Offshore technical electricians are required by OES Brasil

Paulo Nogueira
25-01-2018 11:01:50
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electrician and electrical technician jobs

In order to complete its offshore operational contingent, electricians are needed to complete the company's maintenance team

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]Electricians are key for anyone in any segment of the industry, virtually everything we are and have in our 21st century civilization is powered by electricity. In the world of oil and gas, specifically in the offshore sector, it could not be different, as electromechanical and electronic systems depend on energy to keep their units in the middle of the ocean working properly.

THE OES Group, a company of this modality specialized in maintenance and inspection services, has just announced that it needs to complete its team of electricians and needs them to send their resumes expressly. Below, see the duties and qualifications needed to try to apply for the vacancies. Remembering that it is extremely forbidden to send your resume if you do not meet the requirements described:

  • Technical Course in Electrical
  • NR-10
  • Active CREA
  • Compex certificate
  • irate
  • salvage
  • Huet
  • NR-33

All certificates must be valid and within the validity period. BUT ATTENTION! Due to the practice of buying certificates and courses without training, companies are now able to consult if Did you or didn't you do these trainings?, this can cause them to be permanently blocked in companies' selection processes. In addition, something recurring in this sector is the practice of heating wallets, large firms are able to consult their CNIS (National Registry of Social Information), this will also cause their exclusion from future vacancies, in addition to being a crime of fraudulent misrepresentation, despite understand that the desperation for a professional replacement leads many fathers and mothers to despair.

OES Group Brazil job

Interested and within the function, send your resume to recruitment@oesgroup.com, stating in the title of the function “OFFSHORE ELECTRICIAN TECHNICIAN“. If you get interested, We have a specific subject for those who want to take a course in Electrotechnics, we inform you about the area of activity, salaries and market for this professional so essential today.

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