Start Electricity in Brazil receives investment of more than R$ 33 million with a project by the Ministry of Mines and Energy, in partnership with CCEE

Electricity in Brazil receives investment of more than R$ 33 million with a project by the Ministry of Mines and Energy, in partnership with CCEE

April 26, 2022 6:48 am to 6:48 am
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Photo: Reproduction – “MME and CCEE sign an agreement for the execution of R$ 33.6 million in projects”

Agreement between CCEE and the Ministry of Mines and Energy provides for software and applications for the modernization of the electric energy sector in Brazil

Published in the Federal Official Gazette on Wednesday, April 20, the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) and the Electric Energy Commercialization Chamber (CCEE) closed an agreement that includes an investment of 33.6 million for carrying out studies and research in the electric energy segment in Brazil, an area that has attracted investors.

According to the Ministry of Mines and Energy, the agreement has plans to carry out four projects, which involve studies, consultancy and technical work that will be aimed at increasing monitoring capacity and mastery in the area of energy electricity in Brazil. Thus, these services will take place through the so-called Meta Project.

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In this sense, according to the article by Wilian Miron for the virtual news vehicle Broadcast, the Meta Project depends on a loan from the Ministry of Mines and Energy with the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (BIRD), with a total amount equivalent to to US$ 38 million in investments. This initiative reinforces the coordination function of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, taking into account that the participants, such as the CCEE, do not disburse financial contributions and work together with the MME so that the electric energy project occurs with the expected success throughout Brazil.

In addition, the Project aims to contribute to expanding and consolidating innovations in the electricity and mining sectors, providing incentives for competitiveness and sustainable economic development in Brazil, as well as the institutional modernization of these segments.

Dénis Soares, the project coordinator, emphasizes the benefits of the agreement for the energy sector. According to the coordinator, the project studies will promote the technology in the Accounting and Settlement Systems of the Brazilian Electricity Sector, as well as the evaluation of the formation of short-term electric energy value.

Finally, the Ministry of Mines and Energy intends, through the union with the Electric Energy Commercialization Chamber, to create applications and software that increase performance and incorporate electric energy systems. In addition, it is also estimated the implementation of a simulator of calculations and analyzes about the functioning of the training procedures of electricity bill values of Brazil.

US scientists have developed solar panels that generate energy at night

Scientists have discovered that it is possible to generate energy through solar panels and with the help of a photovoltaic cell at night through the difference in temperature at dawn, when the air gets colder. The research was carried out by scientists at Stanford University, in the United States.

Basically, solar energy is generated at the moment when the sun's energy is radiated to a lower temperature solar panel. Subsequently, the panel's solar cells, made with layers of a power semiconductor material that generate a flow of electricity.
What differentiates the solar panel created by the Stanford scientists is the presence of a device capable of incorporating a thermoelectric generator that draws electricity from the temperature difference between the environment and the photovoltaic cell of the panel. To know more, Read this article in full by clicking here.

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