Edtech offers 180 home office vacancies for candidates from all over Brazil

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12-05-2022 12:19:35
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EdTech BiUP has more than 100 home office vacancies available for professionals across the country. Candidates do not need a degree and will be able to work in the comfort of their own homes.

After a major downturn in the national economy due to the pandemic in 2022, estimates for this year were for a strong recovery for both large and small companies. Proving that these predictions were correct, EdTech BiUP Educação announced this Tuesday (9), the opening of 180 home office vacancies. It is worth mentioning that the company, which was founded in the second half of 2020 amid the pandemic, has open positions in Brazilian cities such as São Paulo, Brasília, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Belo Horizonte, Brasília, Manaus, Recife, Curitiba, Belém. , Guarulhos, Porto Alegre, São Luís, São Gonçalo, Duque de Caxias, Maceió, Natal and Campo Grande.

All the details about Edtech's home office vacancies

In total, there are about 180 vacancies aimed at the commercial sector of EdTech, diplomas will not be required and the work is done exclusively remotely, following one of the major trends in the current job market and providing a chance for those professionals who are looking for greater flexibility in their routine.

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The company focuses on entrepreneurial education and business solutions. In addition to job openings, qualified candidates will receive intensive sales training as they embark on the development journey offered by BiUP Education.

The position being made available by the company is that of Sales Consultant, where those approved will be responsible for actively prospecting potential customers, scheduling online or in-person visits to present a particular product.

Having sales experience is essential, as is familiarity with the digital world, communication skills, persuasion and interpersonal skills. The company still requires knowledge of the Zoom tool.

Edtech emphasizes that it is looking for professionals who have an entrepreneurial spirit, with a strong commercial profile, who seek their financial independence, are fanatical about sales and ambition in professional growth.

Submit your resume online

Those interested in EdTech's home office vacancies should access the company official website, fill in essential data such as Full Name, Telephone and E-mail, in addition to sending a resume in PDF format.

Another option would be to access the official company page on LinkedIn. In the company's official profile, you can find all the places where home office vacancies are being made available. Select the desired one and upload your CV.

EdTech's expansion director, Thiago Portes, through his advice, believes that the opening of these 180 vacancies represents a watershed moment for the company and is undoubtedly a sign of expansion, showing that BiUP Educação is on the right track. The company is looking for talents who want to embark with the company in order to provide solutions and bring real changes to the lives of Brazilian entrepreneurs.

About BiUPA

BiUP Educação is a school of entrepreneurship and technology that emerged to develop, support and transform people, always focusing on improving results.

The company was created in July 2020, in São José dos Campos (SP), with the project of Victor Rocha, who is currently the president of EdTech, a sales specialist with more than 2 decades of experience in training.

The school has a board of directors that is made up of Raphael Paiva, commercial director, Andreia Vittorelli, director of operations, Thiago Portes, director of expansion, and Vanessa Wedekin, director of product and development. All BiUP development programs are based on real experiences and have effective results, in addition to being the foundations of many studies.

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